Thursday, September 22, 2011


Today is the most beautiful day of my life. Why? I was born in Saurashtra, on the western cost of Gujarat. I was blind since birth. On the first day of my life I understood the meaning of darkness. I was not able to see the world as other people could see. I was not able to enjoy the flowers as other people could enjoy. My father was a lawyer and my mother was a homemaker. I was the only child of my parents. One day my grandmother told me that my parents cried a lot when I was born because I was blind. But for parents every child is the perfect one. My parents love me a lot. My mom used to take care of me. When I reached to the age of seven, my parents found one tutor for me. He taught me Braille alphabets. Through the hands of my tutor I was able to give words to the world. Do you know what Braille is? When you first look at something written in Braille, all you see is a jumble of dots! Braille is not a language. It is just the way to write and to interpret English language. My tutor used to tell me that I have something uncommon and that is my memory. I have a very good memory. I have completed my schooling from the blind school of Saurashtra. Then my family moved to Mumbai because they heard that Mumbai has a very good college for blind people. I learned to do my work on my own in my school days. But being a blind, I need help of many persons. People used to have sympathy for blind persons. My friends told me that people used to stare on blind people but the good part is that I am not able to see them staring. I did my major in behavioral science. Through that I came to know about behavior of normal individuals in their daily life. And I realized that they have everything still they are not happy in their life because of very small matters. My parents are really worried about my future. Like other parents, they want that I should marry to someone. But who would marry to the blind person? I think I am the luckiest person of the world because I got one good husband. He was with me in the blind college of Mumbai. He was also blind. I was good at newspaper editing. So I was working in the newspaper editing department in my college. And my husband was working in the printing department of my college. We both were able to maintain our living expenses. I got married on the 14th July, 1970. At that day, first time I realized the meaning of life partner. First time I kissed my husband and understood the importance of love in my life. After 5 years of marriage, I had a baby girl and we both were very much happy because our child was not blind. She was born as a normal person. First time through the eyes of my baby girl cherry, I realized the beauty of flowers, the shine of sunset, the waves of ocean, the beauty of mountains, etc. We all were very much happy because of my baby. But I think god didn’t like my happiness and darkness was again knocking on my door. My baby’s world became different than me. She didn’t like to be along with us. And she neglected me in front of her friends. She never understood my love for her. One day she got married to her boyfriend and she didn’t invite me. At that day I felt that darkness would never stay away from me. Then my days were going like hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But suddenly I found that there was nobody at my home. I was screaming for my husband and my daughter. I asked everybody about my daughter and husband. Unfortunately no one responded me well. After some time I found myself in hospital. I was in comma for several days. But today I am totally fine in my dark world. Today I came to know that I was schizophrenia patient and my marriage and daughter were my imagination. But I considered myself as the luckiest person because I achieved my family in my imagination which is otherwise not possible for me.

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