Saturday, September 24, 2011


If eyes could speak

Words are indeed overrated in this world. The unspoken and free spirited language of eyes are only heard and seen by true souls.

Pacific Sea was indeed the reflection of sky. The water was perfectly blue as it was imitating the summer sky. Julie loved sea water. She has spent her every summer on the beach. The one thing she couldn’t afford to be away from was water. She learned swimming when she was 5 years old and since then water became her best friend.

Today was her 21st birthday and she came to Pacific Sea to celebrate her birthday with friends.  As soon as they came in, she ran towards the water while other decided to relax. Soothing breeze and warm water had always been her weakness. Once she crawls into water, she never knew that parallel world existed. She mixed with water like she was also part of water lives. She spent hours and hours in the water like she was listening to the tales of fishes.  She always found it difficult to mingle with people but when it came to water creatures, she could forget everything and just became part of their world.  Waters’ sound was the most soothing sound for her like water was also conspiring to make sure that she would never leave this water. Water was like her old lost lover. She got nostalgic and happy at the same time as soon as she touched it.

After few hours, she emerged from the water like a beautiful dolphin was just jumped out of water. Her graceful smile and enchanting attitude could charm anyone on the earth except one person, John who was sitting on the beach but still lost in something else instead of enjoying this beautiful beach.

He was lost in the painting he was making. John wasn’t a painter but he always drew only one painting. He always drew a pair of eyes which had emerged in his dream since he got his first dream. Apart from his own eyes, the only eyes he could read were the eyes of his painting. He could read the melancholy hidden in the eyes. He could read the happiness through those eyes. He could sense the urge to find an answer through those eyes. He would have sacrificed his own life if those eyes could speak. He felt like he knew these eyes from his past birth. These eyes were like an old tune which he could never forget. Apparently he had never met anyone who could match to these eyes of his painting. He was curious to find a person with same eyes. He knew that he would meet this person one day. His entire room was filled with the paintings of different shades of this beautiful pair of eyes.

On the evening, John had to go to the restaurant to meet his business partner. Julie’s friends had planned a birthday party for Julie in the same restaurant. Both were in hurry and driving crazily to reach to the same destination.

Suddenly on the road, there was a huge accident where Julie was counting her last few minutes of life and John lost his eyes. Luckily he was saved by his airbag but Julie was majorly injured.  Their cars got clashed.

Doctors ran the operation on her but they couldn’t save her. She lost her life at a very early age.

A month after,

Today John was finally able to look at the world again after his successful eye operation which happened a month ago. The second when he looked into the mirror, he saw the same eyes he had been painting for many years. The same gloomy eyes painted now on his face. He ran to doctor and he asked who donated these eyes. He found out that Julie donated her eyes to him.

Probably it was meant to be this way. If eyes could speak, he could know everything about Julie. He regretted the fact that he never met Julie but he was always close to her soul and her eyes who had given a new life to him.

If eyes could speak………………………………………….


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