Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Walking away from the reality is not maturity
Who defines reality though
Following the worldly definition of reality is not my way
Wouldn’t we want to discover everything by our way?

Empathy could be the first way towards maturity
Again we are stuck in the mess of worldly desires
We could be happy the way we are
That could lead to self destruction

What is the ultimate goal of humanity
Becoming a better person day by day
As long as we are persistent about it
No matter what, we will succeed

There is no time period for accepting maturity
It depends upon your own commitment
Sooner you realize your own destiny
Sooner you will be showered with satisfaction

The fear of being judged will haunt you forever
It is your own choice to neglect it on your way
What would you think at the end matters
Bear the consequences for the choices we make

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