Monday, October 10, 2011


She stands at the edge of cliff but life is afraid to fall
She walks like a standstill picture but colors are afraid to surround her
She swags like a Greek Goddess but heaven is afraid to touch her
She lives like a free bird but wind is afraid to follow her

Sometimes God wonders about his own decision to send her to the earth
As God wonders she could belong to some other world
She was the result of her last birth karma and her future birth dharma
But her wings couldn’t tolerate this hysterical transition

One day, a doorbell rang and she saw the St Peter standing at her door
She thought it was her time to pick the keys of heaven
He was about to take off the keys from the treasure
And he noticed that one key is missing

She laughed at her luck.
She knew that her life was living contradiction
But she figured that her death would prove to be mysterious inquest

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