Saturday, September 24, 2011


If eyes could speak

Words are indeed overrated in this world. The unspoken and free spirited language of eyes are only heard and seen by true souls.

Pacific Sea was indeed the reflection of sky. The water was perfectly blue as it was imitating the summer sky. Julie loved sea water. She has spent her every summer on the beach. The one thing she couldn’t afford to be away from was water. She learned swimming when she was 5 years old and since then water became her best friend.

Today was her 21st birthday and she came to Pacific Sea to celebrate her birthday with friends.  As soon as they came in, she ran towards the water while other decided to relax. Soothing breeze and warm water had always been her weakness. Once she crawls into water, she never knew that parallel world existed. She mixed with water like she was also part of water lives. She spent hours and hours in the water like she was listening to the tales of fishes.  She always found it difficult to mingle with people but when it came to water creatures, she could forget everything and just became part of their world.  Waters’ sound was the most soothing sound for her like water was also conspiring to make sure that she would never leave this water. Water was like her old lost lover. She got nostalgic and happy at the same time as soon as she touched it.

After few hours, she emerged from the water like a beautiful dolphin was just jumped out of water. Her graceful smile and enchanting attitude could charm anyone on the earth except one person, John who was sitting on the beach but still lost in something else instead of enjoying this beautiful beach.

He was lost in the painting he was making. John wasn’t a painter but he always drew only one painting. He always drew a pair of eyes which had emerged in his dream since he got his first dream. Apart from his own eyes, the only eyes he could read were the eyes of his painting. He could read the melancholy hidden in the eyes. He could read the happiness through those eyes. He could sense the urge to find an answer through those eyes. He would have sacrificed his own life if those eyes could speak. He felt like he knew these eyes from his past birth. These eyes were like an old tune which he could never forget. Apparently he had never met anyone who could match to these eyes of his painting. He was curious to find a person with same eyes. He knew that he would meet this person one day. His entire room was filled with the paintings of different shades of this beautiful pair of eyes.

On the evening, John had to go to the restaurant to meet his business partner. Julie’s friends had planned a birthday party for Julie in the same restaurant. Both were in hurry and driving crazily to reach to the same destination.

Suddenly on the road, there was a huge accident where Julie was counting her last few minutes of life and John lost his eyes. Luckily he was saved by his airbag but Julie was majorly injured.  Their cars got clashed.

Doctors ran the operation on her but they couldn’t save her. She lost her life at a very early age.

A month after,

Today John was finally able to look at the world again after his successful eye operation which happened a month ago. The second when he looked into the mirror, he saw the same eyes he had been painting for many years. The same gloomy eyes painted now on his face. He ran to doctor and he asked who donated these eyes. He found out that Julie donated her eyes to him.

Probably it was meant to be this way. If eyes could speak, he could know everything about Julie. He regretted the fact that he never met Julie but he was always close to her soul and her eyes who had given a new life to him.

If eyes could speak………………………………………….

Friday, September 23, 2011



Geet, at the age of 23, successfully landed to Portland, Oregon to join Willamette University in Salem, Oregon to successfully complete her Masters in Management. She had been always a brilliant student and the pride of her family. She was an Indian who grew up in the land of pagoda, Myanmar. Even though she grew up among a variety of people and various nationalities, she always believed in traditional Indian values. She was a quiet and shy personality but at the same time she was a strong girl. She wasn’t afraid of anything in her life; she was always ready to accept challenges.
It was her first day of college. She was excited but a little nervous also as it was her first day of a new life and nobody was there to hold her hand and to support her. She was already missing her family but she knew that she had to make her family proud. She had many talents except one: she took a long time to make friends and didn’t trust easily.  She had a roommate who she found through face book, Pinky. Pinky was the exact opposite of her, bubbly, vivacious and full of life. They didn’t share any classes as Pinky was pursuing her masters in Computer Science. They both had different personalities but their friendship grew over the period of time.
Geet got busy with her studies and homework from the first day itself, all set to break the record of GPA. In her spare time she would read novels or listen to music, etc. She was realistic but at the same time she enjoyed her dreamland.  
Three Months Later
Geet was busy with her assignments, homework, team presentations, normal MBA life. She didn’t have any time to have fun, busy with the hectic school schedule. She had successfully made a few friends with whom she’d occasionally hang out with, watch movies, go shopping or have dinner. She was happy, and quite settled down in her new life.
It was a usual Salem evening. The wind was flowing in the air, scattering colorful leaves around. People were running around her to go home do their grocery or whatever reasons, but she never paid attention to people. She was busy listening to her iPod…she loved Hindi songs. That particular day, she was walking back to house, lost in her music, oblivious to surroundings.  Suddenly she felt a heavy jerk on her shoulder and she fell down. She looked back and realized that a boy walking just beside her had tripped because of a stone in the walkway. She got really annoyed as her iPod had also fallen down with her and ear plugs had come out of her ears and music had stopped.  Geet loved music and her iPod to that extent that she was more worried for her iPod than herself. She started checking her iPod which she found in perfect condition even after bearing the fall. Geet was all involved in taking care of her iPod when suddenly some words flew into her ears, “Are you ok? Do you need help? I am really sorry, please forgive me, I am really sorry.” He extended his hand to help her to stand up but she didn’t take his help. She was clenching her teeth; she got really annoyed and irritated, as he had broken her music trance.
She sensed that he was truly apologetic and he didn’t hurt her on purpose, but she was in her “I don’t care” mood as she was really annoyed. And anyway she never preferred to talk a lot, so she just replied, “I am alright, no worries.”  She stood up without any help and started walking towards her house. Geet reached her house and put bandage on her knees… it was a small scratch.  
Next day again, Geet was walking back to her house when she saw that guy. She didn’t care to talk to him and was busy listening to her music.
He was also quite and an aloof person who kept to himself, only talking when it was necessary but he was helpful and nurturing in nature. He was not the initiator kind of person but he wanted to make sure that the girl wasn’t hurt, hence he asked, “Are you doing ok? How are you feeling today?” This time while clenching her teeth as he again broke her music trance, she spoke, “I am doing fine, thanks for asking. It wasn’t a really big injury, nothing to worry about.” And she started walking away without even caring whether he heard her reply.
He didn’t feel rude about it as he was also silent person. He was actually relieved that he didn’t have to talk much…like she also understood that he wasn’t that kind of person.
When she reached her house that day Geet realized that she was thinking about that guy. She realized that she was kind of rude and she didn’t even care to ask him or make sure he was okay as he also fell down. She felt bad for her behavior. Not that she did that by purpose or she cared about him, but it hurt her ego as she knew that she was a nice hearted person and this behavior was against her morals.
The very next day, they were walking on the same path and they nodded at each other and smiled. This time Geet decided to go ahead and talk with him, just to make sure that he wasn’t injured, so she broke the silence, “Hi I am sorry I forgot to ask you but how are you feeling now?” He got surprised by her behavior as he had thought that she wasn’t the kind of person who talks a lot and who would approach anyone, but he was glad from inside even though he didn’t know why. He replied, “I am doing fine, nothing to worry about, thanks for asking. By the way, I am Rihaan, Rihaan Singh Khurana.” With a natural response to him, she said, “Good to know that you are doing well. I am Geet, Geet Handa.”
As usual they didn’t talk much, but they felt good by just sharing this small talk, but of course they both were really busy to notice the inner side of their heart.
Rihaan had recently completed his Masters in Computer Science and was currently working for Oregon Department of Transportation as a Software Engineer. He had been with this job for last five months. He was a workaholic and specially considering this was his new job, he wanted to prove himself. Hence he always went to office early and even after he came from office, he worked from home. He had successfully established himself at work within a short span of time. His colleagues always respected him. Rihaan had graduated from Penn State University and moved to Salem because of his job hence his all school friends were somewhere in the East Coast. Making friends quickly wasn’t his cup of tea either but still he had made a few friends to hangout. Though whenever his friends asked him to join for something, most of the time he found excuses and he avoided to go out, whenever his friends forced him then only he went out for movies or dinner.
After a month
Rihaan and Geet were regularly noticing each other while walking back to their respective houses but neither cared to talk to one another. Their general nod acknowledging each other’s presence and smile was enough to talk for them. They both kind of liked it that way as it suited their personality, but now they did make sure to nod at each other. It was kind of a general routine which they didn’t want to break; they enjoyed that small moment of joy where both could forget about their work or school, both could just smile without worrying about their life and fear of judging each other. They didn’t know much about each other so there was no point of judging each other and sometimes it felt good that they could actually meet someone who wasn’t going to judge based on preconceived notions about that person.
Of course offices and schools run only during weekdays so they didn’t see each other during weekends. Initially it was ok as they didn’t care but lately they kind of remembered each other during the weekend at the same time in the evening when they generally saw each other. They didn’t pay attention to their mind as they engaged themselves with some work. But regularly they remembered each other during weekends. They never bothered to take each other’s phone number so they never called each other.
One day, Rihaan was walking back to house but Geet was nowhere in sight. He got inadvertently anxious and agitated. He knew that she could be busy or maybe she didn’t have class that day or something else.  There was no reason to get worried as she wasn’t even his friend but that day he wished that he had her number just so that he could just call her to confirm that she was doing ok.  
That day Rihaan wasn’t able to eat or sleep properly. The only concern chewing his mind was if something would have happened to Geet, then what? He didn’t know why he was so worried about her. He wasn’t sure about his emotions. He was never good at dealing with emotions and feelings; that was completely unknown territory to him. His uneasiness was increasing by each minute but eventually he engrossed himself with work.
The next day, Rihaan was eagerly waiting for Geet. In fact he left work early with the hope of getting her one glimpse, but again she didn’t show up. Another no show made him uneasy. He wasn’t able to understand his own actions. One idea ran into his mind that maybe he really liked her, but this idea disappeared as soon as it came into his mind. Disappointed, he went back to his house. He was regretting for not taking her phone number or email id or something, but what’s the point of regretting now as what done was done.
Finally the third day, he saw her. Rihaan was waiting for Geet to show up for the last half an hour. He once again left work early because he didn’t want to miss her if by any chance she would show up today, and yes she did. He freaked out so much out of worry that he grabbed her hand and asked her righteously, “Where were you gone for last two days? How could you miss your school?”  Geet was surprised by his behavior. She gave him an angry glare and he noticed that he was still holding her hand. He let go off her hand slowly and she replied, “Yes I missed my school because I was sick. I had fever so I didn’t have any other choice than missing school. Did you get it?”
Rihaan felt embarrassed for his behavior, but he himself didn’t know what had come over him that he behaved in a way which wasn’t normal for him. He had never done something like this before. Geet was growing on him and he wasn’t even aware about it. He couldn’t utter a single word out of guilt, so he started to walk away. She was also walking back to her house. He looked towards her out of the corner of his and for the first time he noticed her: her style of walking while playing with her scarf, her slender figure, her long silky hair and her almond color cheeks. There was a spark in her style which wasn’t really catchy, yet it was simple and elegant. He realized that he was actually thinking about her beauty. Rihaan had never paid attention to any girl during his college time. He was a simple person, not at all involved with girls, but for the first time, he was thinking about a girl and praising her beauty in his heart. He never talked to himself before but now he did, yes he was talking to himself. God, he was losing control on himself, it couldn’t happen, he wasn’t ready to admit it.
Geet reached her house. She was fuming. Nobody had behaved with her like that before, but at the same time she realized that nobody had also assumed this right on her and she knew one thing:  you assume right on those people only whom you consider as your own people.
Geet wasn’t ready to admit it but she knew that she had missed him too.  During these fever days, she wished that she could go back to school, so that she could follow her normal routine, normal nod and normal smile. Even though they didn’t really share a lot of talk but the presence of each other gave them some kind of satisfaction. She was trying to keep her mind away from him so she tried to engage herself with assignments.
That evening she went to Safeway with Pinky. Rihaan was there also. It was like they were destined to meet twice that day. As soon as Rihaan saw her, he hid something behind his back. He had bought a Get Well Soon Card for her but he didn’t have courage to go up to her.  He wasn’t sure about her reaction.  Geet noticed him as well. Pinky noticed them staring at each other and said, “Hmm Geet, what’s going on? Looks like he really likes you, so who is he?” Geet just gave her a glare and pushed her away and started doing grocery. Geet was not the person who liked or stood for this kind of teasing.
The battle was going on in Rihaan’s mind to give her the card or not. Finally he thought there was no point of over-thinking it. He convinced himself that he wasn’t doing any crime or he wasn’t really going to propose her so it was okay. It was just a card. Finally he went up to her and said, “Geet, nice to see you. Umm, this is for you.”
Geet felt happy inside but as usual she hid her emotions well under the invisible wall, and simply replied, “Thank You”. But Pinky was Pinky after all, who couldn’t shut up at this moment, and as soon Rihaan left, she snatched away the card from  Geet’s hand, and read, “To Geet, hope God will be always with you and hope you will feel better, From Rihaan.”
Pinky to Geet, “Haiiiiiiiii, what a short and simple card. Hmm…the guy is really handsome, with muscular body, must be going to gym regularly,” and Pinky was again lost in her own weight concern. She continued, “Geet, I told you to join gym but you never listen to me. Look at me, I gained four pounds during last one month. At this rate, I will be obese very soon so I need to join gym whether you want to or not.”
Finally Geet spoke to Pinky, “Are you done with your story now? So can I get that card back?” Geet was really annoyed by her lecture and she just took the card from her hand. Pinky responded to her, still not shutting her mouth, “Yes of course how can you share that card with someone else? Hmm being possessive? Hmm got it? So tell me now who is that dashing boy because if you are not interested than I am taking him.” And Geet responded automatically without realizing what she just said, “Pinky, stop it right now, and he is not handsome like Hrithik Roshan, he is alright but why do you want him?”
Pinky to Geet, “hmm, now feeling jealous also…” Geet thought that she could never win with Pinky so she just kept her mouth shut and finished her grocery.
At that day before going to bed, Geet was thinking about Rihaan. Though she didn’t accept in front of Pinky but she also knew that he was handsome, though of course not like her favorite actor, Hrithik Roshan. She was remembering all Pinky’s words and she was blushing. She couldn’t believe it that actually she was blushing. This couldn’t happen, so she turned on her light and she checked that her cheeks became rosy or not and yes they had become rosy. Oh God, it was not believable, she was falling for a guy for the first time in her life.
Geet had always been realistic in her approach. She never believed that all the fairytales could be true; all Bollywood movie style love stories could be true. She always wanted to believe that it was just filmy thing and it couldn’t happen in real life, but whether she would admit it or not, there was a shy hopeful girl residing inside her, who believed that her prince would come one day and take her away.
Day by day both Rihaan and Geet developed feelings for each other but they weren’t sure about each other’s response, so again they decided to hide feelings from each other. As it is, both were not the expressive kind either.
One month after…
They both finally took each other’s number and they talked sometimes on the phone. Though not much, like usual day to day life stuffs, nothing exciting, but both found support in each other. Rihaan wasn’t her best friend but Geet knew in her heart that if she would need him at any time in her life, he would be just a phone call away; he would show up as soon as possible. She knew this without even hearing it from him. She knew that they both shared a common personality, and it was nice that way as they didn’t have to explain if they were walking side by side silently. They both were okay with that silence; it was an unspoken language which they shared.
Today Geet was celebrating her birthday and after a lot of persistence from Pinky, Geet invited Rihaan also for her birthday celebration. Of course he came, with pink roses for her as her birthday gift. It as for the first time Geet got flowers from a guy. She was happy that day as it was her birthday and she wasn’t feeling alone even though she was away from her family, but there was something fulfilling about this moment. She enjoyed her celebration even though she wasn’t a party person.
After the party, before going to sleep, Geet looked at the roses, feeling their softness against her skin. She was smiling out of joy; even though she was alone in the room but she was still not feeling alone. Today something was seeded in her heart and she was happy about it. Instead of running away from emotions, which she usually did in the past, today she was cherishing her happiness. It was a different kind of emotion which she had never felt before.
They continued talking on the phone, through email, through chat. They were exploring different sides of each other which weren’t discovered before but both were happily enjoying it, talking about their daily problems and struggle. Their communication was increasing day by day without them even realizing it.
After 7 months…
Geet’s first year of MBA was already at the end. She had enjoyed it and now she was going for a vacation for three weeks to Myanmar to meet her family. She missed them a lot, but luckily this new friendship and her studies kept her busy and didn’t give her much time to think about them.
Tomorrow she had a flight for Myanmar; today she was meeting Rihaan for the dinner . They were meeting at the Olive Garden restaurant. Rihaan knew that Geet loved Italian food and plus he knew that she loved their Chocolate Lava Cake.
Rihaan was going through a lot of struggle in his heart. He knew that he had strong feelings for her which he never felt for anyone else, but they never talked about romantic stuff. He knew that she liked him but he wasn’t sure if she liked him romantically as well. He was scared of asking her because he didn’t want to lose their friendship. Their friendship was precious to him; he never got such a friend in life or such a relationship in life. He couldn’t let it go for any reason, hence he was skeptical. But he decided that he had to do it, he had to propose to her, especially if she was going to leave tomorrow. It was already difficult on him, but if he didn’t ask her today then probably he would die out of pain in the coming three weeks. After a lot of efforts and convincing himself, he finally made up his mind.
He reached the restaurant early and he prepared his surprise for her. Today is THE DAY, he was going to propose her. Geet arrived at the restaurant in blue jeans, pink top and white scarf, looking very pretty. Rihaan was simply staring at her, lost in her beauty. Finally she waved and spoke his name and for the first time his name in her voice sounded so musical that he just wanted to hear it often and often. Her eyes were mesmerizing and her voice was beautiful just like a perfect piano composition.
They settled down and ordered food. Geet talked about her upcoming trip and Rihaan talked about his upcoming project. At last dessert arrived, her favorite Chocolate Lava Cake, and on the top of it, there was a ring decorated. He instantly bent down on his knees and said, “Geet, I never knew what is love until I met you. You generated those feelings in my heart which I didn’t know existed. I can see only you as my better half. If you are not with me, then there is no purpose of my life. I can’t imagine my life with someone else. It is only YOU. I wasn’t a firm believer of God, but you made me believe in God, today I want to ask to God that please help me to be in a wonderful relationship with you, my soul mate, Please help me heal and release any blocks in my mind, body or emotions that would make me afraid of great love. Please help me hear and follow your divine guidance that leads me to enjoy this soul-mate relationship. I know Geet, that your soul was searching for my soul, and today is the time for soul to soul connection, after many years of search or may be after many reincarnations of search, we found each other, I ask to God for blessings of him on us for our great love, I want to cherish each moment of my life with you, I want to help you with each of your wounds. I want to grow old with you, I want to see you in each form – when you will gain weight because of baby, when you will play with kids, when you will yell at them, when we will go to family picnic, when we will send our kids away to college, when we will fight over trivial issues, when we will be walking with sticks, and when we will lose our last breath together, when we both walk to the steps of heaven, and when we will come to the earth again, You are the only one for whom I want to take births again and again.  Will you marry me?”
Geet didn’t see this coming at all. She was speechless. She didn’t know what to say. She couldn’t utter a word, but there was only one voice coming from her heart, YES YES YES and she just nodded her head in agreement, her mind was telling her zillions of things, she was thankful to God for having Rihaan in her life, she wanted to extend this moment and made a best of it. Her eyes were moist with all the unsaid emotions. He pushed the ring in her finger. They hugged and kissed each other, it was their first kiss which they could never forget. Her shivering lips, panting body and beautiful eyes made him weak, made him out of control. He knew that he had to stop himself at this moment. He went to her home to drop her, he couldn’t let go off her, all the instincts woke up in his mind, today nobody could stop him not even God, he started kissing her neck, shoulder, arm, back, hands, she was panting heavily, she was enjoying his magical touch like he was rain and she wanted to lose herself in that rain, Eventually they came out of that trance after hearing knock on the door, It was Pinky who was at the door. Geet felt shy and she walked away from him while still holding his gaze.
When she went to Myanmar, she told her parents about Rihaan and everybody accepted their relationship happily. Rihaan also told his parents about her and his parents were also happy about it. Both families decided their wedding date which was after six months, during her semester break.
Wedding happened successfully, they went for honeymoon to Paris.


Thursday, September 22, 2011


“Was life really worth? What’s the purpose of life?”She asked to herself. She remembered her days of childhood when she was innocent like any other kid. She fell from bicycle, she recovered, she played with other kids and she fought with them. Of course that was the beauty of childhood. She had her first crush, she had her first kiss. She remembered today all those moments very clearly.
She laughed as she remembered the boy who kissed her first. It was a fragile innocent moment. Those were the days, where everything was beautiful.
She remembered the green farms where she used to run to catch a butterfly. She remembered the flowers which she used to decorate in her hair. She remembered the garden where she used to enjoy swings with her friends.
She wanted that innocence back. She wanted to live that life again. She wanted to go back in time and stilled time. As she started growing up, her innocence was ripped off by society rules and by harsh reality of life. Nothing had ever made sense to her. Why did she have to follow all rules and rituals of society? Why couldn’t they spare her?
One day, she didn’t care. She didn’t care about anything. She decided to go against the preconceived notions of society and in result; she was thrown out of society. Was it her fault that she lost her parents at early age? Was it her fault that she lost her love? She lost everything and now she didn’t have anything to lose. Sometimes this could be the best option in life as she could live on her own conditions. She didn’t want to carry any baggage with her. She wanted to live her life on her own way. She followed her heart like an open sky without any boundaries.  
Society had its own definition of living life and she didn’t believe in that definition anymore. Everything was no longer same for her. Nothing mattered to her anymore. She was in her own world. The more and more she got into her world, the more and more she went away from society.
One day, she was sent to mental asylum. She never questioned that decision. Was it worth complaining to people who didn’t know life anyway? Was it worth talking to those people who led others’ life?
She wasn’t sure who was saner – the people who were in mental asylum or the people who were outside the mental asylum. Her world was divided between these walls. After spending some valuable time inside the asylum, she figured out that she was much happier here as she could connect with those souls who had refused to live by the conditions of society. She was touched by the raw emotions of people in mental asylum. She never found this peace anywhere else.
Her search for life was never ended. She wanted to know what life was. In the hope of finding some more answers, she decided to end her life.
“Was life really worth? What’s the purpose of life?” Hope she found answers.



Last paper of high school:
I screamed loudly.
My mom came to my room after hearing my scream and she woke me up. She put her hands on my forehead and she wiped my sweaty face. I was really scared. I was perspiring in the cold weather. It was middle of the night. Mom asked me what happened. She got really afraid by looking at my frightened face. I told her that I saw a scary dream. She didn’t ask me much about it. I liked it that way because I was really afraid to talk about my dream. She gave me a glass of water and I went to bed again. She was sitting beside me for a couple of minutes to make sure I wasn’t afraid anymore. I didn’t realize when she went away because I felt asleep.
When I woke up in the morning, I was still so frightened that I checked my room like a spy. My desk with a chair was at the right place. Closet was also like the way I left it yesterday. Walls were as pink as it has been always. My alarm clock was perfectly sitting on the night table. My books were on my desk. My novel was open at the page where I left it yesterday. The cup of milk was on my desk. It reminded me that I had milk last night. My dental floss was on table. I had put it on table yesterday after flossing. My windows of the room were closed because I didn’t open it since two days. Everything was same. There was no change in my room which feels good and relaxing. It reduced my fear.
After checking my room, I was trying to recollect my dream. I didn’t remember my dream perfectly but I was able to collect some parts of it.
There was a boy with white shiny face in the dream. We both were sitting near a lake and we were staring at the moon for the whole night. The lake was small but very beautiful. Water looked so enticing because of the reflection of Moon in the water. He was very special. He had an angelic face. He looked like the king of twelfth century. I felt that I have shared a very strong bonding with him. Then something happened and he disappeared and I screamed. Someone was taking him away from me. I wasn’t able to remember more. I couldn’t figure out the exact faces. I felt that I have shared a very strong bonding with him. The idea to lose him made me more scared. It was a full moon day. Moon was as perfect as I have never seen before. I was recklessly trying to find him but he didn’t show up again. I felt that my dream was trying to point me towards something which I couldn’t guess. I couldn’t remember more than that. At last I came out of the bed.
By the lunch time, I completely forgot about it and I was concentrating on my study. I was preparing for my final paper of high school.
It was late afternoon. The sun was very hot. Luckily I was inside the library, studying for my final paper of history. I was trying to pay attention on history chapters, but the sun rays from the window were distracting me. I considered changing my seat but library was already full. Everybody was preparing for their last paper.
Somehow I got the place among my friends who were studying at the other corner of the library. While walking towards my friends, I saw the clock which was hanging on the opposite building of library to check the time. I wanted to complete my study for final paper before six because I don’t want to miss tennis match today which starts at six. Tennis is my favorite sports. While we all were studying, suddenly, my friend, Felix started talking about the recent zombie movie he watched and everybody was getting pissed off. It was better to divert his attention from Zombie movie otherwise people who were listening to him would become zombie to stop him. I thought to change his attention from movie to university.
Hey Felix, which university are you going to join? I asked.
He was little perplexed by my sudden question. He was really enjoying his zombie talk. I doubt that he was the only one who was enjoying it.
Finally he replied, “I am moving to Penn State University”. He continued, “It must be tough for me to go to Penn state considering the cold weather over there. I am so used with this sunny California weather but I have heard it is a good university and they have a very good program on Art. It is really honorable to get into it”. I rolled over my eyes on everybody. Their eyes were filled with motivation and excitement for the biggest change of their life.
My gaze reached to Vivian. She looked worried so I asked her a reason behind her worried face.
She replied, “I haven’t decided anything because I haven’t received answers from the universities I have applied to”.
“Have you decided the school you are going to?” Vivian asked me with little excitement.  
“I am going to Willamette University and I am thinking to do a major in English”. I replied hesitantly.
They read my hesitant face.
Hence Felix asked me, “Why are you so hesitant about it”?
I replied, “Because I am not sure about Willamette. I am still waiting for answers from other universities. My mom wants me to go to business school and my dad wants me to opt for Physics as I get good scores in high school Physics. I totally suck when it comes to making important decision of life.  I said Willamette because that is the only university from which I got a positive reply so far.  I am still waiting for answers from San Francisco State University, University of California Los Angeles, Wisconsin Madison University, etc.”
After finishing study for history paper at library, I was heading towards home though I was not very excite to go back to home today as my grandma is sick and my mother, Barbara is taking care of my grandma in Eugene, my home feels very empty without my mom. My Dad is going to bring some Chinese food for dinner while watching Tennis. He also enjoys Tennis. 
Surprisingly, when I reached home, my dad was waiting for me.
“How was your day Lily?” my dad, James, asked. I said it was ok, was busy with study for my last paper.  “Dad, I am going to change and will come back for Tennis soon”. I said. I was running to my room. I heard that he said that please don’t be late for tennis match. I took a quick shower.  I was in my favorite night suit. When I came to Kitchen, I saw that he has already served two plates. We both were set to watch Tennis with Chinese food in front of TV in our living room. It was a fantastic match. I and my dad were literally screaming on each big shot.  
It has been always nice to see my dad around as he had been always busy with his business trips. I and my mother missed my dad all the time.
I was feeling very bad for my mom as she will be alone at home after I’ll join college though I hope she would be busy with her banking job. After match, I went to bed. I couldn’t sleep till midnight as my mind was wandering around thoughts regarding my new life, new school and new friends. I was little wary about Oregon as it is little cold and less populated state as compared to California. Additionally leaving all school friends is tough.
Next day, I woke up early because I was little worried about my final paper.
After having breakfast, I was walking towards my school for my final paper. Midway, I ran to Vivian and we were discussing about history topics. We reached to school and we sat down in the class to write our final paper.
After two hours, bell rang and exam got over. I completed my paper on time and I was waiting for my friends outside of the classroom.  We have planned to go for a lunch together to celebrate our last day of school. I was really hungry as I couldn’t eat much in the breakfast because of final paper tension.
I was standing in the middle of the hall way and watching other students. All were looking happy with the feeling of relief. Some were complaining about the paper and some were just happy to get it done. Some were already talking about their big plans of new life and some were talking about their party plans for tonight. Overall, the atmosphere was full of emotions.
Vivian was running towards me with waving hands as she noticed me in the hall way. Her mouth fell open and she was screaming my name loudly in the hall way. She was really happy and excited. She looked so excited that if I will ask her to go for bungee jumping, she will be ready for it.
At last all friends arrived; we headed towards Italian restaurant. We reached to one of the very famous Italian restaurants in Palo Alto. It has been awarded as the best restaurant of this year. We have started with some appetizer and then we had ordered main course. Food was really delicious. I bet I am going to miss the California food. We were not only cherishing food, but also enjoying the conversation. All were excited about their vacation plans before joining undergrad school. Vivian is going to Disney Land. She has an aunt in LA. She is going to spend some time in LA. She was describing her plans in detail to everybody and I could see their faces, they were getting jealous. Everybody wants to go to Disney Land that is understandable. I would love to go to Disney Land at any day.  
After good lunch, a time to say good bye was knocking.
I went to my home and I checked mails. I dropped mails to the kitchen floor and went straight to my room to get fresh. Quickly after getting fresh, I ran into the kitchen and I opened envelope from Wisconsin Madison. Guess what, I got into it. With that positive note, I got negative responses from UCLA and San Francisco State University. Now I have two options to consider. Oh jeez, why would you make my life complicated?
During the entire afternoon, I was thinking about these two options and how both choices will lead to my future. Honestly, I really didn’t know what I wanted from my life and what I wanted to achieve. I never thought about it seriously. As I grew up in sunny California, I wasn’t very keen to go to Wisconsin. I was not very good at dealing with snow. I can get sick very easily in cold weather. I was more towards going to Willamette University. Willamette is a small school; I prefer to be in a small school as I don’t feel comfortable with a large number of people sitting in the same class, staring each other and gossiping about each other. I don’t want any kind of extra attention. On the other hand, Wisconsin Madison was a good school. I wanted to learn ice skating. If I would select Wisconsin Madison, I would get a chance to learn ice skating. It has a very reputed faculty as well. I was totally confused. I didn’t know what to go for. Whatever I feel right, I will go for it.
When I looked outside the window, sun was at the very edge of evening and was ready to set. I was having some random thoughts like if sun would never rise, then what would happen, how would be the life without sun, why evening looks so beautiful at the time of sunset, etc. As Sun never needs a direction or order to rise, our heart never needs a direction either. It will find its own way. My heart will tell me the right school I have to select. At the right moment, I will know the right choice and I will be confident for my choice. I was in my deep thoughts and suddenly there was a knock on my door. I opened the door and it was my Dad. He congratulated me with a big smile and he tightly hugged me for a positive reply from Wisconsin. At first I thought, how he would know about it then I realized that I sent him an email in the evening regarding Wisconsin. He was really happy for Wisconsin than I was. He was so happy that I felt like he is going to join Wisconsin instead of me. He brought some food and cake. I was enlightened by looking at the chocolate mousse cake. It is my favorite dessert.  Oh God, there couldn’t be any better dessert on the earth than chocolate mousse cake.  I was surprised by his sudden change of expression from happy to sad or confused or worried. I couldn’t figure out. Therefore, I asked him what he was thinking. Why he looked so worried.  The creased on his head became very apparent. His face transformed into red tomato with full of emotions. It looked like he would cry at any moment but he didn’t.  
“It is unbelievable that you grew up and you have completed your high school, and now you are leaving”, finally he said.
He continued, “I remember when I touched you for the first time. You have been the most wonderful gift of my life. Your mom and I were staring you for hours and hours.  Your small movement also made us happy. We used to forget everything in the world when you were smiling. You have filled our life with happiness. Your first wound, your first smile, your first baby step, and your first word- everything was so graceful that we couldn’t move our eyes from you. You made my love for your mom stronger.  It feels like you were just a kid yesterday, and today you are a big girl who is going to join a college on her own. I opened my arms to hug him. I hugged him softly. Then we went to sit on a dinner table. We were talking about my options of universities. Dinner was really delicious. We both enjoyed dinner together. We ended up having a long discussion about school but we haven’t reached to any conclusion. My dad wanted me to go to Wisconsin and I wasn’t really convinced but I have promised him to think about Wisconsin seriously. After dinner, I started dish washer and I went back to my room.
I was in my bed; listening to music of Enrique Iglesias – I just love his music. I felt sleep and I didn’t realize any other sound. His music was really soothing. The very next day, my mom supposed to be back from my grandma’s home.
I woke up in the morning around 7 am and I prepared breakfast for my mom and dad. My mom should be home in an hour. I was making pancakes with banana – my mom’s favorite. It has been a week; I was away from my mom. I missed my mom a lot during this week. I was really excited to have her back to fill the emptiness of the house. Of course I missed my mom’s cooking. She makes better pancakes than I do but I really won’t admit this in front of her.
I was cleaning the kitchen after making pancakes and I heard the door bell and my mom showed up finally. She hugged me tightly and she congratulated me with tears in her eyes. Tears were touching her cheeks and I caught tears with my hands and hugged her back and welcomed her. My dad was also in the kitchen. He was enjoying the typical drama serial scene of mom and daughter. He was about to leave for an office. He kissed my mom on lips lightly and he left for the office. Mom and I enjoyed breakfast together. I asked for my grandma’s health. I was glad to know that she was doing better now.
My mom went to her room to have some rest while I have decided to read my favorite novel – Gone with the Wind.
I spent my vacation with friends, parents and relatives in San Francisco bay area. We hung out to different places in bay area. I had all kinds of good food and good dessert. I have made up my mind for Willamette though my dad wanted me to go to Wisconsin Madison. I did feel bad for my dad as I didn’t want to break his heart by not choosing Wisconsin Madison. I followed my heart. One day I woke up in the morning with a decision that there is something waiting for me in the Willamette so I have to go there. I just know that it is the right place for me. Luckily my dad was supportive to my decision even though it was not something he wanted for me but he always respects my decision. My mom was happy with my choice as I was going to Oregon where my grandma stays.  My grandma stays in Eugene which is one and half hour far from Willamette.

Going to college:
I was packing for my flight to Oregon. My mom was making sure that I wouldn’t  miss anything – my shoes, my clothes, my books, my night suit, my parka, my sweatshirt, etc.
After packing, we had dinner together and we watched a movie together. I had nice time with my family. At last, I came to my room to sleep though I wasn’t feeling sleepy. I was lying on my bed under the comforter. I was little panic about my tomorrow’s flight. I don’t like to travel through planes. I just don’t like it. I always feel ear pain and ear popping whenever I fly.
I had tried to convince my parents to drive me down to Salem but my father had a presentation at work and my mother can’t drive alone as this is a long trip.
Finally the day arrived to leave parents and go to college. My mom made strawberry pancakes for breakfast. I was eating while doing some last minute packing.
“You always have something to pack at last moment”, my mom said with a sarcastic tone. When I was done with packing, we left for the airport. I reached to the airport, my mom and dad kissed on my cheeks. I hugged them tightly. I was hugging them like I never going to meet them again. I was too sad to leave them.  My mom’s eyes were filled with tears. I also felt very sad but I controlled my tears. I went inside for baggage checking and security checking.
Finally I was on the plane.  It was American airlines. People were trying to find their seats by seat numbers. They had hard time in finding place for their cabin luggage. I found my place and settled down with my iPod on. One old woman was sitting beside me and she was reading something or trying to read something between all disturbances. I was lost in my thoughts about new life. I was little afraid of living alone without parents but as I was already on a plane so it was better if I tried to gather courage and leave all thoughts behind.  I was trying to divert my attention to something. I tried to look out of the window but it didn’t help as all I could see was clouds. Luckily it was a really short flight.  
When I reached to the Portland airport, few sophomores were there to pick me up and they dropped me at my new place where I was going to stay for this semester. Within 45 minutes, I reached to my new home. My roommate was going to come tomorrow so nobody was at my home. Home was really beautiful with new furniture, nice glass windows, and a small patio. The apartment complex had fountain, garden, swimming pool, game room, etc. It was really nice small community complex.   Luckily, there was a grocery store just a block away. I had started unpacking a few items. My new roommate would be coming tomorrow.
 I found her through Face book.  We have decided to live in a furnished two bedroom flat in Salem.
Flat was really nice. I like the big window of my room. Kitchen was also bright and beautiful. We have couch and loveseat in the living room.
When I was unpacking, my phone has started ringing. Without even looking at my cell, I understood who was calling me. My one hand suddenly reached to my cell and I said, sorry mom, I was busy with stuff and I forgot to call you.
Oh, I am glad that you reached safely, she said. How is your house and new friends? She asked. “Mom, I just got my room, looks pretty nice and arranging few things here and there. Mom, I am exhausted, I will call you later and I hung up the phone”.
I spent my remaining day doing unpacking and preparing for the first day of my college. My father has presented me $2000 to buy some used car. I have bookmarked a few cars from Craigslist which I am going to see during this week.
I was lying on my bed. It was already 8 pm. I was thinking about cars and I felt asleep.
 Next day, I woke up early to get ready perfectly for the first day of my college.
I was in my pink sleeveless top with blue jeans. When I open the window, I felt little cold which stroked me that I was no longer in California.  This is Oregon where it is always rainy and cold during winter. This month of August, is the beginning of chill breeze. Then I put on my gray sweat shirt on my pink sleeveless top. I looked at the mirror before leaving from the house. I saw that my tanned skin color suddenly became pinkish, my hands and feet get red. I felt breeze on my cheeks, I realized that it is really cold outside or I am never used to cold weather.
I took a bus to reach to college. I went to receptionist to confirm about my class schedule and the courses I am going to take.
After registration, I was observing the pictures hanged on undergrad school walls. Pictures were pretty unique and beautiful. It was mainly Leonardo Da Vinci’s work. I was amazed by the beauty of Mona Lisa. There was some pain in her smile.
“Hey how are you doing? Are you for English major?” I am Earl. Earl asked.
“Hi Earl, I am Lily, nice to meet you”. I said.
Hmm English major! Earl asked with teasing sound.
“Not really. I am going to do English and business dual courses”. I replied him with annoyed sound.
“So where are you from?” Earl asked.
“Hmm, with pinkish red skin like little bit tanned, with dark copper color hair, tall and thin structure, must be from sunny place. California?” He continued.
“Ya, you are smart, I said happily”. I replied him with a surprise.
So what are the courses you are taking? Earl asked me.
I am taking……………………, I was interrupted by Julie. She came this morning only.
“Hey Lily, Are you coming with me for literature class?” Julie, my housemate asked.
Yes, sure, let’s go, see you later Earl, I said.
“See you in Cafeteria at noon”, Earl said.
I said ok, and I was going towards my literature classroom. I and Julie were discussing about the places we came from. She was really happy to know that I am from California. She is from Chicago, the cold place.
Suddenly my gaze reached to the assigned lockers. I said to Julie that I will meet you in a class as I have to put few books into Locker. I was rashly moved to the direction of Locker without looking at who is coming from my backside and I bumped to a boy. My all books fell down except one book. I was feeling very angry on that boy as I was in hurry for the class.
Can’t you see that I was going towards lockers? I murmured.
His face was also angry but he couldn’t speak the word. He helped me to grab my books and I ran to the locker. After keeping a few books in the locker, I was running towards my literature class as I didn’t want to be late for my first class.
Professor Newman was staring at me as I walked into the classroom. I sat next to Julie. She was staring at me with strange eyes and I understood that her eyes were secretly asking me why I was late. I told you I was going to keep books in locker, I whispered.
Class was about Othello, the Moore of Venice – the greatest Shakespeare play. I have read Othello when I was in 8th grade hence I know the story and characters very well.
Suddenly my gaze met the boy who was just right across me; I realized that he was the same boy I bumped into. I saw the anger in his eyes and Hence, I moved my eyes away from him. I was totally surprised by his eye color; it was quite fascinating to me. His blonde hair, white skin, skinny anatomy – looks more like Caucasian except his purple eyes.
The bell rang, and class was finished. Our homework was to read this play.
I thought lucky me; I am already done with this homework.
Hey Lily, going to cafeteria, Earl asked when I came out of class.
Yes, do you want to join? I asked to Earl.
Sure, Earl replied with smile.

Strangers: Purple eye
When we were walking towards cafeteria, I saw purple eye boy again and I asked Earl who is he.
“He and his friends are from Florida. His name is Victor. They consider themselves as very intelligent. They have very high attitude, ego and they don’t like to talk to other people. They talk to selective people”. Earl replied.
Hmm, what’s their problem? I asked.
Did he say something to you? Did something happen? Earl asked with concerned.
I said, No, just wondering.
Earl was talking to other people now; I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about him.
Initially I was really angry for no reason, but I couldn’t forget his eyes. His eyes were trying to tell me something. His eyes were really secretive and seductive. 
I reached to cafeteria in no time. I had food with Earl, Julie, Joseph and William.
We were talking about our experience with the first class during lunch and everybody seemed pretty happy with the class.
After lunch, I have an Economics class, in the business administration building.
While walking towards class, I felt that somebody was following me. When I turned back, nobody was there. I was still thinking that purple eyes are following me everywhere.
Good afternoon class, Professor Gary said.
I was listening to Professor Gary and I didn’t see who was sitting beside me.
He was Victor, sitting beside me like he didn’t notice me at all. I felt like he was ignoring me. I felt bad and I looked at him with disgusting eyes.
May be he didn’t notice my reaction. Professor Gary was talking about demand and supply law – the economics basics.
I was thinking about purple eyes during my entire lecture. I was kind of intoxicated by his eyes. I tried to pay attention on class but the harder I tried, more I think about his eyes.
I was trying to control myself but it feels like I was completely involved with his smell, his breath, and his eyes – like I can never run from him – like I can’t think anything else – like I felt hallucination.
Lecture got over and I walked to the bus with Julie.
How was your Economics class? Julie asked me.
Fine, I said.
Hmm, you look little disturbed and annoyed, Julie asked.
I said no nothing, just tired.
When I reached home, I was scanning the ads in craigslist to buy a used car.
I called and met a few car sellers and I decided to buy a used white Volkswagen beetle. It was not in a very good condition hence I might have to find a mechanic to repair it.
I was never into cars. I just want to buy one for the sake of moving one place to another. I wish I can fly like a butterfly with colorful wings.
When I was done with all paperwork, I decided to go home.
 I was so tired that I just wanted to sleep without thinking anything else but I wish I could do that. His eyes were so overwhelming. For a second, his beauty felt like a rainbow where each color has something to say – beauty, pleasure, joy, sorrow, love, remorse, anger….
I was staring in the sky like I was hoping to see a rainbow in the night, how stupid I could be.
I started reading my favorite novel again and I felt asleep.
I woke up late today. I was getting ready quickly while my phone rang. It was my mother.
“Hi, mom, I am getting late, will talk to you later” I said.
I went towards my car; it was white, with broken rear bumpers which need to be fixed. I have to find some cheap mechanic for it.
Though I reached to my school with my broken car and he was standing just beside his car, a black BMW coupe car – a beautiful car.
My eyes were trying to find his gaze but he didn’t look at me. I thought to say hi to him. W
I was walking in his direction; he went away from where he was standing like he was ignoring me.
I met his gaze finally and it felt like he was controlling himself against something. I noticed his closed tied fist, fire in his eyes, anger on his face but I couldn’t figure out the reason.
I was trying to stop myself from thinking about him, but I couldn’t. I wanted to figure out the reason. I have entered into the literature class and I saw he was sitting with his purple eye groups – with three other people.
He looked at me very quickly and then he turned his eyes toward his group.
I felt like they were talking about me, making fun of me as Oliver, other purple eye person looked at me with irritated expression.

I sat right beside Julie. Mr. Newman came to the class and he continued Othello discussion.
“The love of Desdemona was selfless. She loved Othello for forever. There was no doubt in her voice when she accepted her love in front of everybody. There was no fear. She didn’t seek the permission for her love. Love needs no acceptance, no permission, it just happens. She was the most beautiful lady. She had wealthy father, she – in spite of country credit, she fell in love with what she feared to look on.” professor continued.
I noticed that he looked at me in between but he was reluctant to meet my gaze. I was so frustrated that I thought to ask what his problem was. Finally lecture got over and I had to run towards my new class of philosophy.
I entered into the class and I saw Earl coming. He sat just beside me.
“How do you like so far?” He asked me.
I am enjoying so far. I said. I thought I should ask Earl if he happens to know some good affordable mechanic here.
I asked him but he said he has one mechanic in mind but he was not sure about how affordable he was.
Still I took the name of the mechanic as I needed a mechanic so badly.
I was done with my all lectures for today. Hence, I walked towards my car.
Guess what, I was surprised to see that my car was looking ok – like I never need a mechanic – like somebody has repaired it. Rear bumpers were looking good to me now.
I was thinking who has done this.
I was looking around but I couldn’t find anybody. I thought to ask Earl but by that time he has already left.
Somehow in my heart, I felt that this was done by that boy, Victor.
Then I thought it was not possible. He even didn’t look at me. He didn’t talk to me at all.
I was just busy with school work and new life. At that night, I was again thinking about Victor. I have tried hard not to think about him. But I never became successful in it. I was dreaming about him with my open eyes that his purple eyes were staring at me and his scent felt like a nice perfume.
I felt like his gazed has touched my heart. When he looked at me, it felt like electric shock in my heart. My heart was beating much faster than it supposed to be whenever I thought about him.
I thought how can I be so unreasonable? How can I like the person who I really don’t know very well? But my instincts, my sixth sense was trying to say something.
When I woke up in the morning, I saw the rising sun from my window and it was beautiful, shiny which brings light to our life. When sunlight touched my face, it felt like a rebirth.
I made up my mind that today I am going to talk to him – no matter what.
I saw him entering into the Economics class. I sat just beside him today. He was surprised, I noticed that.
He wasn’t trying to ignore me today.
Hi, I said.
Hi, how are you doing? He replied.
What’s your problem, I asked.
Pardon me, what do you mean? He replied.
Why were you angry at me? Why were you ignoring me? I asked.
Whoa... I ignored you…when? He simply refused.
Professor entered and our conversation stopped with no answer.
I looked at the window and it was raining outside. I always believe that rain is a god magic – a natural beauty. I like the rain but I never learn how to deal with it.
I thought to continue my conversation with him in cafeteria but he didn’t show up in cafeteria. Hence, I decided to check my emails. I realized that I didn’t check my emails since last three days. I saw that I have an email from my mom and dad.
Dear Lily,
I hope that you must be enjoying your time at new place with new friends. Please make sure to eat on time and take care of your health. I am sure you must have adjusted with your new roommate as well. My brave girl! I am really proud of you! Please take little time to reply. We are fine here.
Missing you as always! Love you!
Mom & dad,
I thought to reply to them before I go to bed today.
I had little bit salad and I head over to my next class. We have to take one compulsory class hence I took tennis class.
I was never good at tennis but I always wanted to learn it. It went ok. I might break my hand this semester in tennis.
I was running towards my car but it was raining so hard hence I was standing near the small lake which we have on campus.
Guess what! I was surprised that he was coming towards me.
“Please don’t talk to me ever. I can’t talk to you. I know this doesn’t make any sense to you but it is better for both of you” – He said and left.
He was right. This didn’t make any sense to me.
I reached home and I cooked chicken for me though I wasn’t feeling like eating. I offered chicken to Julie. She enjoyed it.
Do you know Victor? I asked to Julie.
Oh, that boy who has high ego and attitude. He always talks rudely with other people. Julie replied.
“Why are you asking though?” – Julie asked me.
Nothing, just like that- I replied.
She put dishes into dishwasher. I was thinking about his statements while cleaning kitchen. I went to my room after dinner.
Oops, I should email back to my parents.
Dear Mom and Dad,
I am enjoying here. Don’t worry about me. I like the school and I got new friends. I am sorry I couldn’t call you; I really got busy with school stuff. I bought a used beetle. It is working great. My classes are going nice. I will call you once I will get time.
Till then, take care.
Love you!
Time to go to bed!
I was staring at the stars out of window. Again he came in to my thoughts. I felt that there was a great sadness in his voice while he was talking to me – it was like somebody was forcing him to do this, he was unwillingly accepting this. If this is really true, it could mean that he wants to talk to me but he can’t or I just like to believe that way. My keen intuition was forcing me that I have to talk to him. I didn’t realize but I was overwhelmed by his smell, voice, eyes. There was something in him, which was forcing me to think about him. I felt like he was wearing a mask – hiding his real self.
I was always so much active while sleeping also. Sometimes I resolved my questions while sleeping. Today I woke up with confidence that I would talk to him somewhere alone and try to identify his issue – like while sleeping somebody has asked me to do so.
It was bright sunny day. I was so delighted to see sunny day as it reminds me sunny California.
I reached to school.
Hey, what’s up Lily? Enjoying weather? Earl asked me.
Ya, it’s great! I said.
Any plans for the weekend? He asked.
Nope! I said.
Would you like to go for a movie with me? He asked.
I was hesitant. Then I thought it is better to go for a movie rather than spending entire weekend alone. Plus I have to make good friends.
Sure, I said.
I saw the sudden happiness on his face.
“I will pick you at 6pm on Saturday. I have to run for a class now” and he left.

Strangers meeting at Lake:
I was in Economics class. I looked at Victor. He was sitting just right across me. He looked at me once. His face was confused. His eyes wanted to say something which he couldn’t speak but I couldn’t figure out. I wish I can read minds!
I took a piece of paper and wrote that I will meet you near the lake after school. I folded the note and forwarded towards Victor.
He was really surprised. His eyes became suddenly big and staring at me with anger.
I didn’t care. I was pretending to pay attention on what Professor Gary was explaining. He read it and he gave me a disgusted look. I wasn’t very hopeful about his coming but I would try no matter what.
Lectures got over and finally I was waiting for him near the lake.
5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes passed but he didn’t show up.
I decided to wait for 10 more minutes.
Guess what! He appeared suddenly.
I was hoping that he would be very angry but instead he was very soft, polite and warm.
Hi Lily, you have to accept my request; this is our first and last meeting.
But I like you; I want to hang out with you. I said.
I know you like me and that’s why it is better not to take it far. He said it very softly.
Why? What’s wrong in hanging out together? I asked impatiently.
Why can’t you understand? He asked quickly.
What should I understand? I asked.
I like you too – finally he said like he defeated his own ability to resist.
He came close to me. He touched my hands and I felt like electric shock. I was trembling. He noticed that he went little bit far and he dropped my hands softly.
 It is in your best interest not to hang out with me. This will lead us nowhere. I am not allowed to fall in love. He said with grimace.
What do you mean by not allowed? Who is stopping you? I asked with confusion.
Would you like to walk to the beach with me? He asked.
Ok. I replied.
We were walking towards beach. It was already sunset time. We both were staring at the sun which was ready to hide in the ocean.
I suddenly saw the small girl drowning in the water. I couldn’t find her parents nearby. When I moved towards Victor, he was gone. He wasn’t standing where he was a second ago. And in a split second, he was beside me with that small girl. I was shocked.
My keen intuition told me that he is not a human, he could be angel or he could be demon. I was too shocked to speak something. I was standing there like a statue. Girl’s parents have taken her. Her parents thanked victor.
He moved towards me. He read my expression.
Yes, you are right about your assumption, he told me like he read my mind.
Do you read minds? I asked with hesitance.
No but I can read facial expressions or body language easily. He replied.
What are you? I asked with courage.
What do you think? He said.
A ghost, an angel, a spirit or some kind of super hero - I said.
He laughed lightly on my answer.
I am none of them. I sighed happily.
How did you save that girl?
And suddenly he was moving so fast that he wasn’t standing near me and I was trying to find him but he was like three miles away.
I felt like all alone for a second. Nobody was on the beach at that time. I could only listen to my rapid heartbeat, waves of the ocean. I saw that he flew there in a second.
He was standing three miles away and he was waving his hand. But in a second, he was again standing just beside me.
I was breathing very heavily.
“Are you alright?” He asked.
I said yes.
“How is it possible?” I asked.
We were sitting on the beach in a way that waves were touching our feet in between. It felt so warm.
“Could you please promise me one thing before I tell you anything?” He asked.
“What kind of promise?” I asked in response.
“You wouldn’t tell this to anybody and if you tell to anybody, I would have to kill you”. He told me with grimace even though I wouldn’t like to do so.
I took his hand in my hand and I asked “Do you trust me?”
Yes, and he started talking.

First Revelation:
We are from a different planet. Planet that is considered as the most beautiful – which gives you light during a night.
Moon – I said with horror. He looked very serious.
Yes, Moon. He accepted.
Florentina, Ashley, Oliver and I are from Moon.
We “moon people” have some special abilities like we can fly, we can read facial expression very easily, we can memorize things easily, etc.
Our mind works faster than normal people do.
And when we love somebody, there is no limit of our love; we can die or kill for our love.
He was staring at my eyes and suddenly I felt shy and I rolled my eyes in other direction. There was a love in his eyes which he couldn’t explain.
Then suddenly his tone was changed and he became much more serious.
With all these abilities, we have some limitations as well.
You know, coin has always two sides, same way, life has also two sides.
What are your limitations? Finally I interrupted him by my question.
We are not allowed to love an earth girl. I have to get married to only moon girl.
I am sorry but that was the reason I was avoiding you because I didn’t want to start anything before it gets so far.
Thought it was already too far as you was thinking about me too much.
How do you know that? I asked curiously.
Well, as I said I can fly and I can read expressions very easily. I saw you a couple of times while you were staring out of your window into the sky, while you were just resting in your room and your facial expressions were very obvious that I knew you were thinking about me. That took me by surprise, that after I told you not to talk to me still you have decided to talk to me. I thought normal person would consider it as an insult and wouldn’t ever come back.
Tell me, why did you come back to talk to me.
“I don’t know but I couldn’t control myself. I felt like you wanted to tell me something but something or somebody was stopping you. I felt like you wanted to get out of something but somebody was pulling you more and more inside.”
He was totally surprised. But he couldn’t say more.
Lily, we are not supposed to be together. We have our own separate lives and we have to select our own independent path.
Victor, but I want to spend time with you. Give us one chance, we will see.
Lily, I don’t want to give us a chance. We can’t be together ever. You don’t have any idea about the implications of this.  
Suddenly, Florentina showed up. I was surprised to see her because I didn’t see her coming in our direction. Then I thought that she could fly too.
Florentina whispered something in Victor’s ear and then he went away.
I asked Victor about it but he had to leave.  
Will you meet me again? I asked.
He said, no, I can’t, please try to understand, it is good for both of us and he left.
I still have so many questions to ask but I couldn’t. My mind has believed that it was better choice not to meet him again as he said. But my heart has some other plans. My heart was not ready to let go of him. There was some magic in his eyes which forced me to think about him.
Well, finally I went home.
Julie was really worried as I was late.
Where were you? Julie asked.
I was in library but my voice was hesitant. I was preparing for literature class.
Oh cool, I have also studied it today, let’s discuss about it together, Julie said happily.
Hey Julie, I am sorry but I am really exhausted. I would like to go to bed.
I went to my room and I took shower. Warm water feels really great in cold weather. Even though Oregon is not as cold as Chicago, but it is definitely cold for me. I brushed my teeth and then I went to bed. I was sleepy but my mind was active with thoughts of victor and his abilities. I put on my music on and I was listening to music through ear phones.
What did Florentina tell him? Why did he leave so suddenly? I wanted to ask more questions. I wanted to spend more time with him. I couldn’t hear anything than his voice in my mind.  
When I woke up in the morning, my eyes seemed pretty tired. I wanted to sleep more as I couldn’t get good sleep yesterday or literally no sleep as I spent my entire night thinking about him. I was kind of waiting for miracle to happen. I was hoping that he would show up at anytime so I wouldn’t waste any minute to see him.
I don’t know what happened suddenly to me but suddenly he became the center point of my life.
It is definitely more than a normal friendship. Why is like that?
Do I love him? I was trembling.
No, that’s not possible. Then why would I miss him all the time. I was confused. Not sure about my feelings any more.
I want to think more about him but I have to get ready for the school.
I saw that he was sitting with his purple eye friends in the corner of the school.
I noticed that he looked at me for a second. In fact, Florentina also looked at me for a second. There was anger in her eyes. I went straight towards my class. But Earl stopped me on the way to the class to confirm about tomorrow’s movie plan. I confirmed the plan though I didn’t want to go.
But I thought I need some distraction and movie would work well.
I went to the class and I sat down on an empty desk. Surprisingly, Florentina sat down beside me. I didn’t see that coming at all.
Out of courtesy, I said Hi to her.
Will you leave him alone? She asked angrily.
What are you talking about? I asked.
You know what I am talking about?
Are you talking about Victor?
Yes, you stupid human, you think that you can get what you want but you can’t break the rules.
I will not allow you to break the rules. You have no idea of the consequences.
Then Professor showed up so she became silent. During the entire lecture, I had to face her hostility. I thought that she must be angry because Victor is not allowed to hang out with me and she saw us yesterday together and it is against the rule. It wasn’t really like hanging out.
After completing all lectures, I saw Victor going towards lake. I followed him. He noticed me and he dragged me to the corner of a tree.
What are you doing Victor? I asked.
I am sorry Lily; I didn’t want to hurt you. Please don’t feel bad over what Florentina has told you though one thing was correct that I can’t break rules hence it is better to be separate. I just wanted to tell you good bye because I will never talk to you ever now.
Lily, if world would be in my hand, I will never let you go. You are the beauty of my dream. You are the person I have always dreamt of. When you came across me for the first time, I felt happy but suddenly I realized that I can’t be with you and that has destroyed my dreams. I don’t have any other choice than accepting this fact.  
He came close to me. He kissed on my cheeks and said, good bye.
I was freeze, I didn’t know what to say and when I got my senses back, he was already gone. I wasn’t ready for this shock. Even though until now I haven’t realized that I am in love with him. But the moment he left me suddenly, I was devastated. I thought I could never see his beautiful eyes again. The thought to be apart from him itself caused a great pain in my heart. There was no point in running for him as he can fly and he is much faster anyway.
I reached home. I was so much frustrated. I didn’t know what to choose and what to do. I called my mom to feel better.
Hi, Mom, how was your day?
Hi Lily, I am glad that you finally called.
I am ok. How are you sweaty? How is your school going? Are you enjoying?
Everything is fine mom. I said with frustrated sound.
What’s wrong Lily? Is something wrong? You sound sad.
No Mom, everything is fine. I was just tired. I lied.
Mom, I am going to go for a movie tomorrow with my friend.
Oh, that sounds fun. She told me.
I hope you will enjoy a movie.
Mom, I will call you later; I want to go to bed.
Ok, sure. Good night. Love you sweaty.
Love you mom. Bye.
I was exhausted and I didn’t get good sleep in last two days.
Even though my eyes were trying hard to sleep but my mind was wandering with his thoughts. But I felt asleep finally.
I woke up late in the morning. I did laundry, cooking and some homework. I was getting ready for a movie because Earl called me that he would be here in half an hour.
We were watching a movie but I felt that Victor was there too in a theatre. Hence I was staring everywhere but I couldn’t see him so it could be my illusion. He wasn’t there.
Earl held my hand during a movie. I tried to free my hand gently from his grip but I couldn’t and then I just watched a movie. He asked me to go for a dinner after a movie but I softly made an excuse that today I have to finish my Economics homework.
I went to bed in the night with my head phones on. Music helped me to be calm.
It was already Monday and I went to school early because I was hoping to see him today. I accepted that it is ok if I can’t hang out with him but at least school is a place where I can see him; feel him around – that gives me motivation to live, to feel happy again.
But he didn’t show up. I hoped that I would see him during the lecture or in cafeteria. He didn’t come to school that day. I thought to ask his purple eye friends, Florentina or Ashley or Oliver. I have never talked to Ashley and Oliver before hence I wasn’t sure about their response towards me. Florentina was already angry at me. Hence, I couldn’t gather courage to ask anybody.
I decided to wait for one more day.
My eyes were looking for him everywhere but he didn’t show up another day as well. I couldn’t wait and finally I thought to ask Florentina about him.
Hi Florentina, I am sorry to bother you but I was just wondering that Victor is ok. He didn’t show up for school.
Don’t you dare to ask me about him? Florentina said angrily.
He is just fine without you. You came and destroyed everything.
Don’t ever come between us. She said.
I was shocked. I didn’t have a single idea that they were dating or something.
He never mentioned about her. I haven’t seen them together the way people in relationship look like.
Even though my mind says that they can be together but my heart doesn’t really believe it. I decided to ignore what she has said. She might be just angry on something.
I went to home with the frustrated heart of not having seen him for past two days.
I was crying in my room. I couldn’t think of something so that I can talk to him once, I can see his eyes one more time; I can listen to his voice one more time.
Suddenly I heard a knock on my door, I thought it could be Julie but the person was Victor. I was surprised to see him. I hugged him and few tears touched my cheeks. After a few seconds, I feel embarrassed to hug him, because it was so impulsive and spontaneous and I even didn’t have an idea that we are good friends or we are in relationship. I got my sense back and I was standing properly.
And then he said, what’s wrong with you?
You were freaking out for last two days and now you were crying crazily.
Why can’t you just forget me? You have to accept the fact that we can’t be together.
How do you know all these? Tell me honestly. Did you follow me?
Suddenly with a change in tone, he said, Lily, I tried very hard not to think of you, not to follow you, but I failed, I couldn’t resist myself from thinking of you.
I just wanna be with you, no matter what happens and what people say or think.
Florentina said that you guys were together, I asked.
Did you believe her? He asked.
No, of course not.
But Lily, I have to tell you something.
Victor, I trust you more than I trust anybody in the whole world. I don’t need any kind of explanation from you.
He held my hands in his hands. He was looking in my eyes.
“It is not about trust. It is something which you should know; you have a right to know now.”He said.
If it is really important for you to share with me then sure go ahead.
I never loved or liked Florentina neither she did. We have always been nice friends. But in our world, there is no place for love, we are not supposed to fall in love, we have to follow what our community decided for us as we can’t get married to other people who do not belong to Moon.

Moon people story:
Hence, in our society, when girl or boy was born, within a few years, the society decide who should share life with whom and when the right age comes, they get married in the presence of our entire society.
When I was six, we have been told by our parents, that we have to get married to each other, once we reach to the certain age. I never understood this thing neither she did. We even never talked about this stuff ever like we never knew. But now suddenly she knew my feelings for you, and for no reason, she is becoming jealous. She has never seen me excited or passionate about somebody before. But the fact is I never liked or loved her. I tried very hard to be away from you but whenever I see you, I forget everything, the rules or who I am. I feel like I am just me who supposed to be with you forever. I have been born to be with you.
I have to leave now; I have to talk to Florentina. I have to explain her. I hope she would understand otherwise I wouldn’t know what would happen. I wouldn’t know what would happen when moon people will come to know about this. I just know one thing that we would be together and we will find the solution.
I am worried for you Lily, I have a fear that Florentina would do something to you or when moon people come to know they will separate us, then what.
Hey Victor, don’t worry as long as we are together we will fight the world. We are going to be fine.
Bye Lily, take care and please sleep well, you need some rest.
Bye. I will.
I slept well yesterday night. I have the entire world with me as long as Victor is with me.
Next day when I woke up, I got a call from my mom.
Hey Lily, what’s going on? No emails, no calls? Are you Ok?
Yes, mom, I am fine. Everything is fine. Just got little busy.
Honey, you don’t sound good. Are you sick?
No, mom, I am fine.
You look tensed. Something happened?
Do you have a boy friend and did you fight with him?
Mom……………..will tell you later…….I promise I would call you tonight.
I got ready for school.
Earl was waiting for me outside the Literature class when I reached there.
Hi Earl, What’s up? I asked. He looked little bit hesitant to say something.
Hi Lily, I want to talk to you but not here.
Will you come to lunch with me today?
I said ok. No problem.
He is always very nice to me so I didn’t have a reason to say no.
Victor sat beside me during the literature class though we didn’t talk anything. We both were paying attention. He looked at me few times with a smiling face.
Whenever he looked at me with his purple eyes, I forgot everything and I felt like we were the only people in the class. I felt like this moment would never end. Well, lecture has to end.
After Literature class, I went to library to study with Julie as I promised her.
I studied for a while and then I saw Earl walking towards cafeteria hence I walked behind him.
What do you want to talk about Earl?
We were sitting on a table at the corner of the cafeteria where nobody can watch us or at least not everybody can watch us.
Finally Earl asked, Lily, would you go on a date with me this Friday?
I didn’t get shocked this time because while studying in the library, I thought about why Earl wanted to talk to me. What was the reason behind his hesitance?
I figured out that he liked me when we went for a movie together.
But I don’t know what to say. My obvious answer was “no”. But I didn’t want to break his heart. But I thought to say no because sooner or later he has to know that I can’t be with him.
Earl, I am sorry but I can’t come.
Please don’t say that. I am bagging you.
Earl, this would result in nothing. I am sorry but I don’t think about you that way.
Lily, that’s fine even if this wouldn’t result in anything. I don’t want any result or sympathy.
I just want to take you out if you say yes.
His eyes were full of emotions like he will cry right away if I say no.
Hence, I said ok but this time only.
Ok then I will pick you at 6 pm on Friday.
I was walking towards my car after all lectures got over. Victor was waiting for me just right beside my car.
Hi Lily, do you want me to pick you up tomorrow?
Ya sure. Hey Victor, I want to tell you something.
Ya go ahead. I am going on a date with Earl on this Friday.
Ya I read Earl’s expression and I figured it out. Well, I hope you will have fun.
You don’t mind at all Victor?
Then he held my both hands in his hands, his hand were little cold but gentle. Weather was cold. Then he told me, Lily, I trust you beyond the definition of trust.
I wanted to say that I love him but somehow I couldn’t. I might be too shy to say that or I might not have courage to say that. I wanted to ask him about how his talks with Florentina go but it was already too late so I thought I would ask him some other time.
I just gave him a smile and I said bye Victor.
As I promised my mom, I had to call her today though I didn’t know what to say. What could I explain her? I can’t tell her truth either. Hence I decided to go ahead with half truth.
Hi, Mom, I hope you have time to talk if you aren’t busy.
Yes Lily, I want to talk with you.
So you have a new boy friend?
Yes, mom.
Cool, so what’s his name and how is he like?
His name is Victor, he is with me in my school and he is a sweet boy.
Honey, please take care of you self, it is not like I don’t trust you but I am mom who is always concerned for her kid.
Honey, I do miss you………I wish that you were here with me. Please email me whenever you get time, I would like to know more about you regularly.
Can I talk to dad?
How is my Lily doing?
I am good dad.
Good to know that you are enjoying your school and friends.
Don’t kill yourself with study all the time, have some fun too.
How is your car? Is it working properly?
Yes Dad, it’s perfect.
Good night dad,
Good night Lily.
Next day when I reached to school, everybody was talking about coming dance party for freshman.
During the lunch time, I sat with Julie, Earl, Joseph, William and few more. They all were talking about freshman party. How is it going to be? What would be the theme of the party? They all looked very excited.
Are you coming to freshman party? Julie asked me.
For a second, I thought that only if Victor would ask me to be his date for the party, but I didn’t want to say that in front of everybody, so I just said, I am not sure, let’s see, I have a lot of time to think about it.
I saw that Victor was sitting with his moon people and they all looked excited too. I noticed that generally Florentina never sit beside Victor but today she did though Victor really didn’t pay much attention to that. He looked at me and gave me a smile while I was talking to my friends.
Victor was waiting for me near my car after school.
Hi Lily, can I see you in the evening today? I would like to take you somewhere if you don’t have any preplans.
Ok. See you in the evening Victor.
Victor came in the evening and he was wearing purple shirt which goes with his eye pretty well. He was looking like an angel. I couldn’t stop myself from looking at him. He had a wide smile on his face.
Are you read for a roller coaster ride sweetheart? He asked me.
What? Are we going to some fair?
No. Are you strong enough for roller coaster right? And you are not afraid of heights, right?
Hey victor, what’s going on?

 Ready for adventure:
He hugged me very softly. And then we were suddenly out of window. His arms locked around my waist and pulled me tight against his body so that I don’t fall down. And in a second we were in the sky. Sky was so beautiful our feet were touching clouds. I wanted to touch clouds but I was never able to do so. It was night so everywhere it was dark but the city looks beautiful with lights. We saw Portland city. The bridge was looking pretty. Stars were looking nearer. Everything was so perfect and beautiful. It was unbelievable. I have never seen this beautiful scene ever in my life. I thanked victor for showing me this beauty of the world.
He dropped me at my home through window. I asked him to spend some more time with me. He kissed on my cheeks and wished me good night and he went.
Victor was living near mountains where generally less number of people prefers to stay. All moon people were staying in a big house together. Each has its own big and beautiful room. Victor has invited me to his house on Sunday to meet all other housemates. I was afraid of Florentina’s reaction though I wasn’t sure about others’ reaction.
I had great time of my life with Victor today. I was so excited to tell to my mom about my entire experience but I know I can’t.
I was preparing myself to go to bed. I went to kitchen to grab something to eat.
Julie asked me so you are dating somebody. Lately you have been busy a lot.
What’s going on Lily? Julie asked.
Come on; tell me, you can trust me.
Yes, Victor.
What, that blonde, purple eye guy, who has high attitude and ego problem
Jeez, how can you date Victor?
Well, I like him, and yes I am dating him. He doesn’t have ego problem just that he prefers to talk to selective people.
So you went on a date with him?
Hmm ya it was sort of a date. We hung out in downtown.
Are you done with your homework of business psychology Julie?
Nope, I got busy with dance class.
How is your dance class going?
It’s going great. I met a guy in dance class and he is really cool.
Wow, what’s his name? Who is he?
His name is Henry Wilson; he is with me in dance class as well as in Spanish class. We became dance partners and that’s how we started talking.
I am going on a date with him this Friday.
Cool, glad to hear that.
See you tomorrow, good night and let me know if you want to do study for business psychology tomorrow together in the afternoon.
Ok, I will, good night Lily.
I got very good sleep. I roughly remember my dreams but I distinctly remember that I was with Victor in my dreams.
I reached school and I saw Florentina and Victor were discussing something hence I didn’t interrupt them and I went to my class directly. Florentina looked very upset. I thought victor may have told her about our yesterday’s date hence she would be upset. Well sooner or later, she should know this and she should accept this.
I was going to cafeteria and suddenly Victor showed up just beside me. He asked me to have lunch with him. We grabbed lunch from cafeteria and we were sitting near lake.
He looked upset.
Hi Victor, is everything ok?
I saw that you had some verbal discussion with Florentina.
Wow, I liked your word of choice – instead of fight – verbal discussion.
Well, I tried to talk to Florentina about us. She got upset. I asked her the reason behind her behavior.
I asked her if she has loved me.
She accepted that she has never loved me before but she told me that she is supposed to be my better half and that’s her right which nobody can take away. She asked me to respect community and parent’s decision about our wedding.
“I explained her that Lily is the goal of my life. She is the reason I am alive and I want to live. Without her, it feels like river without water, flowers without smell, human without heart. I can’t live without her. She is the only I can see my life with”.
I was sorry to break her heart. It had to happen and it happened.
She said that she loved me from beginning but till now she didn’t realize that it was love.
I said, “Tina, I am sorry but I have seen you always as a friend, never more than that, I have never seen you as love of my life. Lily is the picture of my dream. I wish I can change the picture of my dream and I can fix you there. I am really sorry I can’t do that”. And I left.
Oliver told me that she was crying and she went to home directly. She didn’t attend any lecture.
I am really worried for her Lily. I am afraid that she wouldn’t take any actions against you. I don’t know what would happen if she informs to my or her family. I don’t know how moon people would react. This could really end badly.
I have already asked her not to tell to any moon people. She promised me that she won’t tell if I do something for her.
What did she want? I asked curiously.
She wants me to be her date for the freshman dance party.
What did you say? I asked.
Lily, I hope you can understand but I said yes to her. I really don’t want any moon people to know about us. I don’t want any harm for you. They have more power than you can imagine.
I was little bit upset but of course I can understand his concern.
I can understand Victor though I felt little jealous of Florentina.
I imagined that she would be in Victor’s arms, holding his shoulder for the dance. Then I was interrupted by Victor’s question.
Why don’t you go with Earl?
I don’t feel like going there.
He took two steps towards me. He was very close that I felt I can’t move even a bit. He hugged me tightly and he said I love you in my ears for the first time. I was on cloud nine. I was waiting for this moment for so long. My sudden sadness was transformed into joy. My heart was breathing very fast. I hugged him tightly in reciprocate. I didn’t realize but we were hugging each other for more than a minute without saying anything. I wished that world would have stopped at the moment. I just wanted to live that moment forever.
Finally he moved little bit further than me and he said, you should go to this dance party. It is first dance party of our undergrad. You shouldn’t miss it and you should make friends anyway – that’s a really important. I have a feeling that Earl will ask you for it. Don’t worry, I won’t feel bad if you go as his date on a dance party. I know that you want to go with me as my date. Although sometimes things doesn’t turn out the way we want plus we should not to hurt people’ feeling anyway. I know that this may heart Florentina eventually, I shouldn’t have said yes to her but I think sometimes this one moment can give her enough happiness which can give satisfaction to rest of her life. I am positive that one day she will understand our love and that we meant to be with each other.
Victor, I don’t want to build wrong expectations in the mind of Earl. He is a nice friend and I couldn’t see myself hurting him. This will hurt him in the long run. I will set the right expectations in his mind. I will tell him about us and I will make him clear about my feelings for him. He is just a nice friend for me. He can’t be more than that. He has to understand that.
We said buy to each other and we both left.
I reached home and I did my school work. I was tired and hungry. I was so exhausted to cook anything so I just had sandwich.
When I was in my night dress lying on my bed, listening to music, my gaze suddenly reached out of the window. It was a full moon day. Moonlight was very beautiful and it reminded me of Victor and all his purple eye moon people. They all have few things in common. They all have this moonlight brightness on their faces. Their blond hair, shining white faces, beautiful curly hair, soft way of talking – all these are irresistibly attractive.  Like we can’t imagine an earth without moon, I can’t imagine my life without Victor. Whenever he is not around me, feels like darkness is following me everywhere and I can’t get the light again. Moonlight feels so pleasant, it reminds me of Victor.
When I woke up next day in the morning, I saw flowers on my window. It was beautiful white lily flowers. I thought that it must be from Victor. Victor might have dropped here during the night. He must be passing from my home while he was making his flying trip. It is against the rule to fly during a day, as people can see them. Their super natural abilities have to be hidden. Hence he makes flying trips only during night. It felt so great to wake up with flowers. It makes me feel that I am really special for him.
 Finally Friday comes and today evening I have a date with Earl. I was in the kitchen, boiling some eggs for breakfast. Suddenly Julie appeared in the kitchen and she told me “hey nice flowers, who has given you”. I put flowers on a coffee table in the living room.
I said, oh, it is from Victor. He has given me flowers yesterday.
Oh, wow, I would die if my boy friend will give me flowers – she said.
Yes, Victor is really nice.
We had breakfast together and we discussed some school related stuff.
I had to some homework before I go out in the evening.
Suddenly my phone rang, and it was Victor.
Hey do you like flowers?
Thanks a lot for flowers, it was beautiful.

A date with Earl:
Are you ready to go out with Earl today? Victor asked.
Honestly, I don’t feel like going. I feel that if I go, it can build his expectations. I don’t like to break his heart.
Lily, you should go today and tell him.  It is really necessary to inform him as soon as possible otherwise it will hurt him more.
Ok, I will go today and I will talk to him today.
Finally I was thinking what to wear. I put on my normal sky blue top and blue jeans. I checked my hair before leaving. My door bell rang and Earl was standing at my door to pick me up.
He was wearing suit. He was looking handsome.
He kissed on my hand and we were walking towards his car. His touch was very nice and gentle.
I thought to tell him right away but I felt like something was stopping me to tell him. Earl has been so helpful and nice. I really don’t want to break his heart.
He took me for a dinner at a very fancy Italian place in Portland downtown.
Finally I said,
Earl, I want to tell you something.
Ya, Lily, sure.
Before that I want to tell you something, Earl demanded.
Ok, sure, go on.
Lily, I like you so much, I guess I am in love with you.
I was shocked. I wasn’t ready for this moment.
I couldn’t speak a word. I was lost.
After a minute, I came to my senses and I told him, Earl, I am really sorry but I have never felt this way for you. I have always considered you as my good friend.
I have seen you always as a friend, not more than that. Earl, please understand because I don’t want to lose your friendship. You don’t know but friendship does matter to me a lot.
“I am glad that at least I do possess some importance in your life even though it is as a friend. It is ok Lily, I can understand, and love takes no promises and no offence. I didn’t fall in love with the expectation of getting your love in back but I will try to achieve your love. The least I can do is to try to achieve it and you can’t stop me from trying.” Earl said.
I guess not, I said.
Earl, I really do respect your feelings but I think you should try to forget me or try to meet somebody else, who knows, you may fall in love again. Please give one more chance to your luck, it may favor you.
Lily, if my luck will favor me, then I will ask your love from God.
But I don’t love you, I love somebody else.
What matters is that right now, you are with me Lily, and I just want to enjoy this moment. This moment is just for me and you.
We talked about different other stuff and finally he dropped me back at my home. He again kissed on my hands and wished me good night.
I wished him good night too.
I had good time with Earl, he is a good person.
When I reached home, Victor was waiting for me in my room.
I was little surprised to see him suddenly in my room.
I thought he came here to know about my evening with Earl. But he didn’t ask me a single question about it.
Instead he asked me, Lily, I forgot to ask you that what you would like to eat on Sunday at my home. If you have any preference, any cuisine particularly you look, please tell us, we will try to cook whatever you want.
Victor, what, you came here to ask me this.
Yes Lily, I really wanted to know in advance so that I can plan it perfectly. I want a perfect first visit for you at my home.
Victor, I am cool with whatever you prepare. I am sure I would love it.
Ok, bye, sweetheart.
What? Are you leaving? Don’t you wanna here how my evening went?
Next time, not now, you should just take rest, you must be tired.
Ok, good night Victor.
I remember that I have an email from my dad which I haven’t replied so far.
I better am doing it.
I was lying on my bed with my laptop.
Dear Dad,
It is really nice to read your email Dad. I do miss you.
Here, I got good friends. Today I went out with my friend. It was nice.
I am sure mom must have told you about my boy friend. Victor is a nice boy. He is a nice person at his heart. Don’t worry about me, I am fine here.
Good friends and good boy friend made this place better for me.
I miss you and mom a lot. How was your business trip to LA?  I hope you had good time.
Please take care of mom.
I love you both.
I went to bed. I felt asleep quite early. I was exhausted a lot.
I saw that Florentina, Victor and I were standing at the top of the mountain during night time. It was a scary place. Florentina was really angry on something. He was threatening Victor for something. I was trying to figure out what was going on but I was just watching their actions with shock. Florentina was trying to kill me but Victor was trying to save me from her. She had a knife in her hands and she was coming towards me with a knife in her hand. Victor stopped her in between by standing between me and her. She wasn’t afraid by Victor’s actions and she was walking towards me. And suddenly I woke up with a scream. I was breathing heavily. I controlled myself and I had some water and I tried to go to bed again. I saw the clock and it was 3 am. I was really frightened. I couldn’t get good sleep after that. Hence, I woke up at 4 am and was studying for my literature class. I have to finish certain parts of Othello. I was always fascinated by the character of Desdemona. She has loved Othello unconditionally. She believed in him completely. Love doesn’t take any doubts – she is the symbol of that. Once you love somebody, there shouldn’t be any doubts. Love is a God’s prayer. Love is a faith.

First visit at Victor’s home:
Finally Sunday arrived. I was so excited to meet his family. I was nervous too as I am not sure how everybody will react. I know for sure that Florentina doesn’t like me and it makes me worried. I have a fear that if my dream will become real, then what. I am worried about Victor if she does something to him. How I can save him if something happens. I know that I wouldn’t be afraid to give my life to save him.
Anyway, I changed my mind towards other things because I wanted to be positive. It is after all a big moment for me to visit his house for the first time. I don’t want to waste this moment for any worry or any negativity.
I took a pink dress out from my closet which my dad gave me on my last birthday. It is a very pretty pink dress. My mom loved it. It has black lace on it. It is knee length pink dress. It is an authentic vintage pink with ivory layered lace dress. I thought Victor may like it. That was the best dress I had in my wardrobe collection. I need to do some shopping but I need to find some job too. My parents have told me that they can support my living expenses till first semester but after that I need to find a job. It is better to find job right away so that I can continue that job during second semester. It is anyway nice to earn my own money for my expenses. I don’t like to be dependent on anybody.
I think this is the time to get ready rather than thinking about a job. I can ask Victor for his suggestion about job.
I got ready in my pink dress with pink earrings and pink necklace. I generally don’t like to wear jewelry at all but I think it matters today to look good because more people could be there too. He told me that his cousin was visiting with her girl friend from New York for this weekend. I was really nervous though.
Victor knocked on my door and I walked with him till car with hand in hand.
“You look beautiful”, he told me.
I smiled with shyness.
We reached to his house. Their house looked really big. It was painted blue. I can see two big patios where so many roses were blooming.  At the door, Oliver and Ashley were standing excitedly for me at the door. They greeted me happily and welcomed me.
When I entered into house, it was beautiful with candles everywhere. There were nice beautiful small lamps everywhere. A big chandler was hanging. Chandler was so big and beautiful, looked like brought from palace of Britain.
Entire house has beautiful smell of candles. It was rose smell everywhere. It was really beautifully decorated.
 There were two new people, standing with a smile on their face.
They had same purple eye face with blonde hair, one was girl and one was boy. Boy was handsome, tall, wavy hair, slim body in a light white shirt.
Girl was beautiful, with sharp features; tall, very slim like a perfect figure. She looks like some Hollywood model. She was wearing a very nice black back less dress. She was so gracious that looks like she is ready to walk on ramp at any minute.
They both were walking towards me. They both kissed me on my hands and wished me welcome.
Hey Lily, it is really nice to meet you finally; I am Elvis, Victor’s cousin. I have heard a lot about you from Victor. He told me you were really beautiful and guess what, you are. You look nice in this pink dress.
Thanks Elvis, nice to meet you.
She is Sylvia, my girl friend. We came from New York today to spend this weekend here.
Hi Sylvia, it is a nice name; I must say you are very cute and charming.
Thanks Lily. It is my pleasure to meet you.
After that I saw Florentina was standing and she greeted me welcome with a smile. I wasn’t sure how genuine that smile was.
It is nice to see you Florentina.
I thanked everybody for inviting me at their place.
Victor has cooked today’s dinner. Elvis told me.
We are hungry, we can’t wait Victor.
Dinner is ready guys at the dinner table.
Oliver led me the way towards dinner table. I was surprise to see the dinner table. It was really antique dinner table made of real wood. There were three nice candle holders on the table with lighted candles. They were vintage crystal drop candle holders. The dinner table was so pleasing. We all sat on the table and we started eating. Food was delicious like I have never had before such a good food. It was French and Italian food. Everybody has liked it. We all enjoyed dinner while listening to college story of Sylvia and Elvis. They both are studying in Syracuse University in New York.
After dinner, all went outside home in the Garden where I got little time to talk with Victor alone.
Is Florentina doing ok today as I am here? I asked him
She is ok. No need to worry. She will be fine.
Victor, I was thinking to do a job now as I have settled down and school is also going good. Do you have any suggestions? Do you know anybody who is looking for an employee?
Lily, I think I know a couple of places, I will give you’re their contact numbers so that you can talk to them.

Then Victor shows his room to Lily. Describe this.
Let’s go outside and we can play some games if we want.
We played “Apples to Apples” together and it was fun.
Mid of the game, I said I am thirsty. I will drink water and I will join you guys. You guys can enjoy. Florentina asked me to help me to find kitchen inside.
Florentina and I went inside.
Hey Lily, I wanted to talk to you. I know I behaved badly with you lately. It wasn’t appropriate. I am really sorry for that. I think you are a nice girl so I want to clear out certain things. It is in my blood to fight for my rights. I am still trying to convince you that please leave Victor. I know he loves you and it may take a while to get over with you but I would be able to handle him. I will support him. It is my right to be with him. In my society, nobody has broken this rule and we have been taught to learn for our rights. Therefore, I really appreciate if you listen to me.
Hey Florentina, I can understand your emotions. I am really sorry that I broke your rule. I didn’t know about this rule and about you being a better half before I talked to him. I have never seen you with him that way. You all were looked nice friends.
Lily, before that I have never felt to express my interest in him. I forgot about this rule and being a better half. Before you came into his life, I have never felt that I wanted to be with him. I didn’t think like that for him. But when you entered into his life, it made me realize that he couldn’t be with anybody else. He is mine only.
Florentina, in that case, this could be just jealousy. You might not have real feeling for him. Or at least you should try to figure out what are your real feelings and you may like somebody else. When I think of Victor, I feel that he is made for me. He is the one; I have been waiting for so many years or so many births. I can’t imagine my life without him. It may be supposed to be that way. That is what God has intended.
May be not, God may not be intended that way, She added.
In that case Lily, we will wait for God’s justice and time. I can’t feel love again for anyone else. Well, take this water and I hope you had enjoyed dinner.
Yes sure I did. I wish that someday we can become friends. I hope we will. Then we walked outside again.
Lily, you took a long time. Is everything ok? Do you want me to drop you off at your home now as it is already late?
Yes everything is fine. I would like to go to home now.
Bye Sylvia and Elvis, it is really pleasure meeting you. Hope to see you soon again.
I said good bye to Oliver and Ashley as well.
Victor and I sat in the car.
Victor thanks for food and everything. I really had good time.
Your house is amazingly beautiful.
I wonder one thing, why do you drive a car? You can fly, and then you don’t need a car.
Lily, we can’t show our capabilities to the world. We have to behave as normal as we can.
Lily, you won’t believe, but I designed this house myself.
No way, that’s great.
Lily, I am really grateful to God that you are in my life. Thanks for coming to my house. Your presence has made my house very special. Now my house completely feels different with your smell in it.
Finally we reached to my home. He came to drop me till my home. I asked him to come inside.
Lily, it is already so late, you must be tired, and you should rest now. Victor told me. He kissed on my cheeks and he told me something in my ear. After a second, I realized what he was saying.
It was a line from a famous play of Shakespeare – “Romeo and Juliet”.
 Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow,
that I shall say good night till it is morrow.
It felt so great. But I don’t want to be legendary like Romeo and Juliet instead I want to spend my life with him. However good or bad circumstances, but if I am with him, then everything would be ok. We would make our world beautiful.
He was right, I was tired. When I entered into home, Julie was watching a movie with her boy friend, Henry. I never met Henry. I didn’t feel to disturb them hence I was directly going towards my home. But Julie has stopped my staring conversation.
Julie introduced both of us. I just had casual short conversation with them and I went to my room. They asked me to join for a movie but I lied that I have already watched it because I didn’t want to bother them and I wanted to take rest anyway.
When I entered into my room, I realized that it was very messy. My halves of the clothes were in my room everywhere as I was deciding what to wear. I have started cleaning my room. Suddenly I found Men’s bracelet. I noticed that I have seen this in the hands of Victor but I have never noticed it carefully before because I thought that it is normal kind of bracelet. It has very small carvings. Each small carving has inside small half moon shape. The carvings were very ancient. This bracelet looked like it could be in museum rather than in the hands of a young boy. The unique features of bracelet were telling some stories which I wasn’t able to figure out. The bracelet was made of white gold with a very little shine. I thought to call him but I was too tired to call him. Hence I decided to go to bed.

Job Hunt:
I got good sleep yesterday. Next day, when I woke up, I was so fresh and enthusiastic. I decided to find out a few more job details. Now, I wanted to start a job so that I could manage my expenses. It was little chilly outside.  It was raining also. I thought that I wouldn’t like rain as I am from California. But I realized that rain has its own beauty. All flowers are blossoming in the rain, leaves are green, it feels fresh. Roses on the plants feel like baby in the lap of a mother. I love the smell of wet clay. Green shows the positivity of life. I know that it is tough to see the future with Victor considering the all circumstances.
One biggest obstacle is Florentina. Even though, I assume that Florentina would understand eventually, but I am not sure how his moon society would react. It is highly likely that moon society won’t accept us our love as it is against their rules. How far they would go to save their rules? All questions are still unanswerable. I am sure about two things that I am in love with Victor without thinking about the consequences and I am ready to bear any result – positive or negative.
Love comes naturally, it is not a planned thing, but once it happens, I would try my best to save my love. Life is nothing for me without Victor.
If life can’t make us together, death would. Life is a very small cost for the love. I should be positive. I am sure God will show us the way to make this happen.
I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t realize that I was already at school. Victor waved his hands at me but I was so lost. He came near me and he lightly touched on my shoulder so I came out of my lost world.
What’s going on Lily? Victor asked me.
You look worried. Is everything ok with you Lily?
Oh, I am fine, I was just thinking about something. Anyway,
Did you find out about the possibility of my job?
Do you know any job opening? I hope that I will get a job soon.
You will sweetheart, don’t worry.
Actually I found out two jobs for you. There is one at Walgreens store and one at some shopping mall in the downtown. As this is a small town, there aren’t many jobs available. Actually I know some people who are working there and they told me about it. If you are ok, then I can provide you contact information of those people.
That’s great Victor, thanks a lot. Today only I will call them and inquire about it. If they still have vacancy for a candidate, I would like to join as soon as possible.
I think we are getting late for class Lily, we should go.
Oh yes, you are right, let’s go. We both were walking towards our literature class.
Victor, have you done Literature homework?
Oh Ya, I have done it.
Yes, I have also done it. In fact, I have read all chapters in very much advance. Because we had some Shakespeare plays during our high school also and I got interested into it. Therefore, I have read all his plays during my high school.
We reached to the class, and class was full of students but luckily professor wasn’t there yet. So we settled down on our desk.
I opened my book and started reading it. At last, professor came and started lecture. After the lecture, when I got time, I called to the contacts provided by Victor for a job. I have scheduled a meeting with them for tomorrow.
I forgot to mention about Bracelet to the Victor so I thought I will tell him during a lunch time. I was waiting for him in Cafeteria to show up but he didn’t show up. Earl, Julie, Henry, Joseph and William have joined me for lunch.
Everybody was talking about their respective weekends but I was constantly looking at the table from the corner of my eye where he and his moon people generally sit. But he wasn’t there. I wasn’t really paying attention to what other people were talking about but suddenly Joseph asked me how my weekend was. I didn’t want to let the world know about my outing with Earl and my day at Victor’s home, hence I just lied that I was just busy with my school work and I did cleaning. Though I don’t like to lie, but I didn’t want to become the topic of discussion for my friends and rest of the college. I don’t like much attention.
I was worried about Victor. After lunch, I saw Ashley.
Hey Ashley, do you know where Victor is?
Hi Lily, Victor left for home already. He had to do some work so he left.
Ok thanks Ashley.
He must be busy otherwise I am sure he would have stopped to say me bye before leaving.
I should better go for a class; I don’t want to be late for a class. I will call him in the evening.  
When I reached home in the evening, he was waiting for me just outside my home. I was completely astonished. I wasn’t expecting this. He looked worried. His purple eyes became little red. I can see creases on his beautiful face. His lips looked pale like it was numb. His skin has goose bumps. I was frightened to see this. I can’t figure out what would have happened?
Victor, what happened?
He didn’t speak a word and he hugged me tightly. I was also holding him tight to make him feel better. Finally he became calm and I asked him what’s going on Victor? Could you please tell me?
Lily, today I got a call from my society. They have invited Florentina and me in this weekend. I can’t say no to them. It was more of like an order rather than an invitation. I have no clue about the reason behind their invitation.
I am worried.
I wonder if Florentina might have told about us to them. What if they have found out about us? I don’t want to put you in trouble. I can’t lose you Lily. You are my life. If they won’t let us together, I can’t live without you.
And Lily, I don’t want to die either, because you made my life special. I want to spend my life with you and I want to cherish each moment till we can live.
Do you know we live long as compared to average human being?
We do but I don’t want a single moment without you. Hence, I have decided if something happens to you, I will be coming with you anywhere you go even though it is heaven.
Victor, don’t worry too much. Nothing will happen to me or us. I want to spend my life with you too. You can ask Florentina if she would have told them.
I hate her if she does. I don’t want to talk to her.
Don’t assume anything Victor. Don’t hate her for anything. Even if she told them, she is just using her right that doesn’t make her wrong.
How can you say that Lily Even if she is a threat to you?
Victor, she is not a threat, she wouldn’t do anything wrong and even if she does, I trust our love more than anything. If love is real, it can survive any obstacles.
Victor I am hungry, do you want to come inside and have some food.
Ok sure.
We both were in the kitchen. I had some pasta from last night which I micro waved. We ate pasta together.
Honestly, I also have fear but I don’t want to share my fear with him. I want him to be strong. I don’t know what will happen. The idea of being away from Victor kills me. It felt like an earth without a Sun, a heart without a heartbeat.
Julie showed up while he was leaving. They shared normal greeting with each other and he left.
It’s been a long, I should talk to mom. I picked up my call and did a speed dial of 1.
At last, I heard the voice of my mom at the other end of the phone.
Hey Mom, how are you doing?
Good to hear from you Lily.
Sorry mom, I have been busy with everything so I didn’t get time to call you but I will try to be regular now on wards.
Mom, I went to Victor’s home for the first time on the last Sunday.
It was great. I met his house mates and a cousin. His cousin flew from New York for the weekend. He cooked us a good food.
Great Lily, I am happy for you.
So what are you up to Mom? And how is Dad?
I was also busy with my job and home. Our neighbor got into accident last week so we have been helping them out. George was admitted into hospital. Now he is ok.
Dad is doing fine. He has been also helping out George.
Sorry honey I didn’t get time to call you either.
Well, it is ok Mom. I hope that George would feel better. Say him Hi for me.
Yes I will.
Oh Ya Mom, I have tomorrow two interviews for a job at store.
Oh really, that’s cool, I hope you will get it. Good luck honey.
Thanks Mom. Don’t worry. Say Hi to Dad also. I will call him soon.
Ok, mom, now I gotta go to finish my homework.
Ok honey, bye, take care, love you.
I got back to my homework for tomorrow.
I have to do some pending work for business psychology. Professor has given a case study to the class for team work.
I was team up with Ashley and Terence. We are supposed to meet tomorrow in the library to work on the case study but before that I have to finish reading the case.
I sat on my desk to complete the case and I got a call from Earl.
Hi Earl, what’s up?
Hi Lily,
Are you going to a job interview tomorrow at Walgreens?
Yes, I have heard they have a few vacancies.
Ya I have heard the same. I am also going there. I heard from your friend Julie that you are going there so I thought to give you a call if you want a ride.
Thanks Earl but I am driving by myself tomorrow.
Ok no problem. Good night Lily.
Bye Earl.
I got back to study again.
I always like to study on my desk. My desk is always very neat and beautiful. I always keep white Lily flowers on my desk. I love the smell of Lily flowers. My books are arranged on my desk. Desk is of pure wooden. I have my last summer trip pictures on it. I went on a summer trip with parents for a week in LA. We went to Disney land, Universal studio and many other places. I had good time there.
When I finished my case study, I was feeling tired.
I took shower. Hot water always feels great in cold weather. I was wearing a night dress in which I feel the most comfortable. I was lying on my bed with my iPod. I was trying to forget all my worries related with Victor. Sometimes, it is just so hard to forget things. I hope that music might help but it didn’t.
I have been thinking about Victor and the call from his people all most whole night. Suddenly around 2 am, Victor showed up at my window.
Why are you awakened Lily?
You should be sleeping at this time.
I was shocked to see him. I was almost going to scream but I realized that he is just Victor, my Victor.
God knows when I can get used with his super natural abilities. He got the hell out of me. I was really scared. Then I calm down.
What are you doing here at this time Victor? Does it mean that you daily come here at this time?
I am sorry I didn’t tell you Lily because I wasn’t sure about your reaction.
I do come here quite often and I watch you for a while when you were sleeping. You look very silent and quite like a mother Mary statue while you sleep. You have innocence on your face and you look pretty vulnerable too. It gives me some satisfaction that you are ok and then I go back again so that I can also get some sleep.
You know night time is generally the only time when we can enjoy flying. So I didn’t want to miss it. I like the smoothness and beauty of night. I like the sound of cricket, light of fireflies, and beauty of moon flowers. A sky looks very dark blue, as if a peacock is dancing with its feathers and stars are shining in between the dancing peacock.
So why are you not sleeping Lily?
I have been just thinking about all things in my life. I am worried for you. I don’t know what I would do if something happens to you.
Please Victor, promise me, you will always be with me.
Lily, I can’t go anywhere without you. Trust me, I am here with you and we are made for each other.
Now you should not worry and go to bed.
He wished me good night and kissed on my cheeks and then he flew away.
I was lying on bed again.
I got 3 to 4 hours of sleep. When I woke up in the morning, my eyes were red so I washed my eyes for a few times. My face was looking horrible with dark circles around. I tried to distract my mind with other thoughts but I ended up thinking about the call from Moon people. I got ready for my job interview. Honestly I was so tired to go anywhere but I have to go. Sooner I get the job, better it is.
I was driving to the store. When I reached there, I saw Earl; he was already there for an interview.
Hey Lily, you look tired. Were you worried about the job?
I lied. Yes I was thinking about a job.
Don’t worry Lily, you will be fine.
Finally interview happened and I got the job. They wanted a few more people. Earl got also selected. They asked me to join for a job from tomorrow. It is a part time job but at least I would be able to manage my expenses.
Congratulations Lily for a job. I wished him congrats as well. We both will be working at Walgreens. Earl was also happy that he would be able to manage his expenses.
As I got a job here, I called at other place and said no for an interview. As I didn’t have much time, I have to be at school for lectures and team work.
When I reached to school, Ashley and Terence were already waiting for me. I said sorry for being late.
That’s fine Lily. We just arrived here. We can start working on it now.
Congratulations that you got a job.
Thanks. I was wondering how she knew about it. Then I realized that I called Victor after I heard this news and he must have told her.
I haven’t got much chance to talk to Terence but she always looks helpful and calm girl. She is a Filipino with beautiful curly hair. She is little over weight. She has brown shiny skin with sharp features. Her strong and long hair with curls looks so beautiful on her oval face. She is always very participative in the class.
We walked to the library. Library was very big; we went to the group study room. Library has a big wall clock; the building is completely made of red brick. Its architecture is like old style church.
We have started discussing about case and we were almost ready with our case study within two hours. Apparently I noticed that Ashley is a very nice girl with no ego, with positive attitude and with an unbiased attitude. I had always fear that as Florentina is a housemate of Ashley and they are friends also, hence Ashley would be in her favor and she will hate me for being a part of Victor’s life but I don’t see any hate in her eyes. She has very innocent eyes.
When we were done with our case study, I and Ashley were walking towards administrative office as we had some admin paper work to complete.
While walking, I asked her about how Florentina is.
Lily, actually everybody is worried because of a call from our society and today morning, I saw that Victor and Florentina had some arguments. I didn’t know what they were arguing about but after a while, they looked ok and they were talking to each other peacefully. They might have resolved their issues.
They have booked their tickets for Switzerland for Saturday. They are going to give a letter to the school for a week break by telling that they are going for an urgent family visit. They will be coming back on next Saturday. I hope that there wouldn’t be any big issues.
Ashley, would you mind asking me a question.
Nope Lily, ask me whatever you want. You are as special to me as to Victor.
I wonder why though.
Lily, I have always considered Victor as my brother though we are not biological brother and sister but we have always spent a lot of time together in the childhood, we have always helped each other like brother and sister does and we have played together like brother and sister does. I have always seen emptiness in his heart before meeting you. Even though Florentina supposed to be his better half but she wasn’t able to fill that emptiness though I wasn’t ever able to tell that to her. But I see the completeness in him when he is with you. You are his heartbeat, his smell, his light. As heart can’t be without heartbeat, flowers can’t be without smell, and sun can’t be without its light. Victor can’t be without you. You complete him. Initially I was hesitant about you, but I saw the happiness on his face – the kind of happiness I get when I am with Oliver – the kind of happiness which I haven’t seen on his face before. You brought that happiness on his face. I am always thankful to you for making my brother happy. Lily, I am with your love, but I am a friend of Florentina as well so I may not be able to help you but I always hope that you guys would be happy together.
Thanks Ashley. I really appreciate it. Thanks for saying this. It does mean a lot to me.
Honestly I never hoped this kind of response from Ashley though I figured out that she didn’t hate me. In fact she likes me even though Florentina doesn’t like me. She was being honest and nice. She does love her brother Victor a lot.
I wasn’t sure about the arguments Victor and Florentina were having. I am pretty sure it has to be related with the call and Victor may have doubter her being the reason behind that call. But somehow I knew that Florentina wouldn’t do that. She wouldn’t try to involve her society to get him back. I have a feeling that inside her, she also knows that she is not meant for him but she can’t get over the belief she may be holding for so long of being a better half of him. Sometimes it is just so hard to accept the truth or to listen to our own voice of heart or we may not want to listen to it.
Well whatever would be the case, I will talk to Victor. He is going to come over at my home in the evening.
I heard the knock on the door, it was Victor.
I was thinking to email my mom about job but I thought to talk to Victor about Florentina and his argy bargy first. First we discussed some school work.
Then I asked him, how is Florentina doing?
Ashley told me that you guys had argument about something today.
What happened? I believe that Florentina doesn’t have to do anything behind this call.
Why would you believe that? He asked me with confusion.
I asked her that did she tell anybody about us. She said no. I didn’t believe her initially but after some time I believed her.
She told me that she doesn’t need anybody to get back what is hers. She doesn’t like to use anybody’s help. She would achieve me herself.
Her ego won’t allow her to do so. Hence she didn’t tell anybody because she believes that this is her fight not the moon society’s fight.
Yes I thought so. I figured out that Florentina is a strong person with high ego. Her ego wouldn’t allow her to let people know so that they can help her to protect her right as she believes.
Victor, she wouldn’t tell to anybody. So forget about it.
Do you have any other clue for their call?
 Suddenly his face became blank. He looked lost in something. I was asking him what he was thinking but he didn’t hear me. Therefore I took his hands in mine to get his attention and he looked happy.
What were you thinking Victor?
Oh, how can I forget that? Actually my parents’ anniversary is coming. They may want to make it a grand celebration where most people would be invited. Henry and Oliver are also invited but they are not going because they have some other work.
It is very likely. I shouldn’t be worried.
Yes Victor, you shouldn’t be worried. Everything will be fine.
What he is thinking could be correct, but I feel like something bad is going to happen which I can’t predict and which will affect my relationship with Victor.
I wish I can stop something to happen. I wish I know what’s going to happen. I wish I can go to Switzerland with Victor.
My heart stops beating with the thought of life without Victor. Victor is going to Switzerland for a week. One week without him feels like decades. When he is not around me, I try to find him in my dreams. My eyes are always searching for him whether I am sleeping or not.

Victor and Florentina’s trip to Switzerland:
On Saturday afternoon, they have a flight to Switzerland. I was getting late for the airport. I was supposed to meet Victor at the airport. I was feeling much nervous because I have to be away from Victor for a week. Florentina is going with him hence I am worried that she can play some tricks with him to get him back though I completely trust Victor. In between all these concerns, I reached to airport. Oliver, Ashley, Victor and Florentina were already there. They were check in their bags.
After check in, Victor came to me, he hugged me and he told me not to worry.
Victor, please take care of you. I will be fine, don’t worry about me. Honestly I have no idea how to live without Victor but I want to provide him strength. If I feel weak, he won’t be able to manage himself. He may become weak too.
Lily, I know that you are just trying to make me feel better but you are very sad and worried. Trust me, without you, all moments of my life are empty. My life seems a blank paper which doesn’t have any color. You are the rainbow of my life. You are the light of my heart and color of my face.
Victor, I will be waiting for you eagerly. If possible, please email me or call me.
Though I know he may not be able to call at all as we don’t want to take chance. It is in our best interest that moon society won’t be aware about us.
I saw from the corner of my eye that Florentina was watching us hence I walked towards her to talk to her.
Hi Florentina, have a safe flight.
Bye Lily.  
I took a look at Ashley and Oliver when they both were discussing about some movie which they watched. Ashley looked at me with a smile and went back to her conversation.
Now they have to leave as their flight is going to board in half an hour.
Victor kissed me on my forehead.
I kissed him on his forehead too.
I was almost crying but I controlled myself.
He was walking toward the plane and I waved my hand to say good bye.
I didn’t have courage to say him good bye so just waved hand.
I came back to my home. I didn’t feel like eating or doing anything. I was lying on bed. I had to finish an essay for English class. I tried to work on it but I couldn’t concentrate. Suddenly I remember that I missed my mom and dad call and I haven’t emailed them yet.
Dear Mom and Dad,
Sorry I missed your call, I saw your email but I didn’t get time to reply.
I got a job at Walgreens, in fact, my friend, Earl has also got job there. I have been busy with my job and assignments. I really missed you guys. My boy friend went to his home for a week to celebrate his parents’ wedding anniversary.
I got a result of my test and I am doing well in my all courses.
Don’t worry about me. I will be making some plan to go out with them during this weekend. My friends have been asking me to go out with them so now I will go with them.
Miss you both,
With love,
After completing email, I heard the knock on my door.
It was Julie.
Hey Lily, I baked brownies.
Would you like to have some?
I felt bad to say no hence I said yes. She offered me to join her and Henry for a while.
Hi Henry, so are you enjoying brownie?
Yes, it is good.
You should also taste brownie Lily.
I took a piece. It was really soft and delicious.
For a while I talked to them and then I went back to my room.
I started working on my essay. I finished it in two hours.
Suddenly my phone was ringing and it was Earl.
Hey Earl, what’s up?
Hi Lily,
Have you completed your Essay?
Yes I did.
Would you mind helping me with a few questions?
Yes I can help you Earl.
Can I come over at your place now?
Ok Earl. Sure. In a while, Earl knocked at my door.
Hey Lily, how was the essay? Did you find it hard?
Oh, it was ok. I finished it. It took a while but finally I finished it.
Lily, I have two questions in essay.
Sure, I would help you out with that.
We discussed about his two questions.
I gave him my class notes. It helped him.
He thanked me for that.
Hey Earl, Julie has made some brownies if you would like to have. Honestly I just don’t want to be with Earl in the same room to give him a chance to think that I would like to be with him. I knew that even though I have made it very clear but he still wouldn’t let me go just like that. He likes me a lot.
Sure, I would love to. He said.
He had two brownies while we were discussing about the recent foot ball game. Rather he was telling me about the game because I am not really into sports. Unfortunately, Julie and Henry were not there. I was hoping that they would show up but they didn’t. They might be gone somewhere.
After his football game talk was over. He looked at me very carefully and when I met his gaze, he looked away suddenly. It felt like he was trying to say something but he didn’t have courage to do so.
Lily, I wanted to tell you something.
Sure Earl. Go ahead.
I was really afraid that it would be something I don’t want to hear. How could I say that I don’t want to hear?
Then he looked very vulnerable and he wasn’t able to speak what he wanted to.
Lily, I ……………I…………I…..I…….just
Earl, tell me, whatever you want to share.
Would you go out with me tomorrow for skiing? Please don’t say no.
I figured that he wanted to say something but then he changed it. Honestly I am really glad that he didn’t say that which I can’t hear.
Sometimes it is better to pretend that nothing is happening.
Hence I thought to remind him again that there is no possibility between us if he is thinking about it. As I was aware that I am not going to do anything anyway this weekend as Victor wouldn’t be here. I should have more friends as well. Therefore I decided to go out with him but I am not good at skiing.
Earl, I would go with you but I would tell you something before that.
Please don’t have any expectations from me. I always consider you as my friend. You will be my friend always but no more than that.
He nodded his head with understanding but I am not sure he got it or not.
And ya one more thing, I am not at all good at skiing.
Don’t worry Lily, I will teach you.  
I said ok. I guess I am willing to learn it.
After that, he left for his home.
I tried hard to distract my mind from Victor’s thoughts but I just can’t do that. He is in my every thought, my every dream and my every breath.
I know I have to deal with this week somehow. I am just waiting to get over this week.
I am waiting to see his face again, to feel his smell again, to feel his smoothness again, to feel his breath again and to feel his warmth again.
I am sure that he must be as anxious as I am.
I wasn’t feeling sleepy hence I thought to continue with my favorite novel Gone with the wind. It is my one of the favorites and would like to read again and again. 
At last, I felt asleep.
I felt that Victor is trying to search me everywhere. He was in a jungle, looking for me. He was screaming my name loudly but I was nowhere near him. A few people were stopping him to go far in the Jungle. He was screaming and crying but people have stopped him from moving ahead to find me. I was somewhere up in the mountain, waiting for him to come. I was depressed and frustrated. I have been waiting for him for so long but he didn’t show up. I decided to give up my life as he didn’t show up. I reached to the near cliff. My eyes were desperately looking for him everywhere and I finally I jumped.
I died. I felt that death have given me relief from the pain of not being with Victor.
Surprisingly, I was choking and Victor was holding me in his lap. I was surprised to see myself alive.
What were you doing Lily? Victor asked me angrily.
Do you have an idea that what would happen to me if you would have died? Can’t you just wait for me? Can’t you trust me enough to wait for me?
I said sorry to him and I hugged him.
Victor, I remember I jumped then I can’t be alive.
I saved you Lily using my supernatural abilities.
Victor, never leave me again. I can’t leave without you.
Lily, I will never leave you but I have to go now. I will see you soon again. Please Victor, don’t go.
I have to Lily. Wait for me. My arms were stretched to get him back but he was going.
And I was suddenly screaming, Victor, don’t leave me alone.
What I saw that I was in bed, I was sweating with fear of losing Victor. Finally, I woke up and had some water before going to bed again.
I wish that I can get good sleep. I saw that it was 2 AM. I went towards my window with the hope that Victor might show up though I know that he won’t.
I was waiting for him to show up. I was staring at the moon assuming that I may be able to see his face on the moon. Though I couldn’t see his face on the moon, but moon is as shiny as his face, as beautiful as elegant swan. The smell of moon flowers is same as his scent. All these things remind me Victor but at the same time, help me to survive without him as I can still feel him. Moon has same enigmatic charm as he has.
I couldn’t sleep and then moon was gone and sun was rising. It is really beautiful to feel the first sun ray. It feels like rebirth of me. I opened my laptop to check emails if there is any email from him.
Apparently there was an email from Victor; I was so excited to see his name in my Gmail.
My love Lily,
I reached here safely. Every second without you, feels like a heart without heartbeat. I really want to come back so soon to feel my heart, my breath with you.
The good news is that nobody has mentioned here anything about you and me. Hence they may not be aware about us. Today we are planning to celebrate my parents’ wedding anniversary and they mentioned that I am going to get some kind of surprise though I am not sure what it would be.
I really don’t have much time because I am surrounded by people all the time therefore I may not be able to email you again or call you. Sorry for that. I can feel you in my every moment. I can still feel your scent. Without you, the beauty of Switzerland is nothing.  
Can’t wait to touch the smoothness of your skin again, the air from your breath again,
With love,
After reading an email, when I touched my face, I felt some water on my cheeks. It was my tears. I wanted to read that email again and again. I wished that time will fly by reading this email. But eventually I had to be away from my laptop because I have to get ready to go for skiing in Mt Hood. We have decided to leave by 8 am so that we will reach to Mt Hood by 10 am. Generally it will take 2 hours or 2 and half hours. Earl has mentioned that his cousin may join us but he wasn’t sure. Honestly, I wanted that somebody should be with us as I don’t want to be with Earl alone for all most the entire day. I like him but sometimes I just get bored by his sports talk. He loves sports so much.
Sharp at 8 am, Earl was at my door. When I opened the door, he greeted my Good Morning. I was wearing one jacket and I took one trench coat with me. Before coming to Oregon, my aunt has gifted me a trench coat. It is a very nice trench coat of Burberry. I couldn’t ever imagine to buy it myself as it is very expensive. Time has finally come to wear it. I took it in my hand with my purse and I walked out of my door towards his car. While walking towards his car, I noticed that somebody is inside the car so I assumed that he or she must be his cousin.
When I reached there, one very cute, vivacious girl was sitting on the front seat.
Hi Lily, she is Amy, my cousin. She is in the last year of high school. She studies in Bend. She wanted to go for skiing hence she came down here to go with us.
Hi Amy, nice to see you, you are very cute.
We settled down in the car, I sat on the back seat. Earl wanted to sit me beside him, I saw that he was telling her to move to backseat by showing his eye towards back seat but she wanted to seat in front. I noticed it and I sat on the back seat. Honestly I was glad. I didn’t want to feel awkward. Earl always rides old Toyota cruiser. Once he mentioned that be bought it two years ago from his grandparents so he got a very cheap deal from them. But it is in a good condition and it works also not bad.
Then he started driving and he kept FM on. FM was playing all pop music. I was kind of enjoying it because it helped me to distract my mind. How can I forget that we have better distraction than FM. Amy was all the time talking about her school, her courses, her friends, etc? By the time we reached to Mt Hood, I was aware about her all friends’ names and their boyfriends or girl friends. I was getting bored by her talk in between but she was sharing very happily so I pretended to listen to her. Even though my mind was thinking about Victor all the time, but in between I heard her talking.
Mt hood was really beautiful with snow. When I got out of the car, I felt colder than I expected. I put on my trench coat on the one jacket which I have already worn. I wore my winter hat, hand gloves. Earl had his ski gears. I and Amy had rented the gears. We went to the easy area. Earl was teaching both of us. I was feeling totally uncomfortable with ski gear initially. It was too heavy to handle for my small and slander legs. I and Amy were falling down all the time. I hurt my knees so many times. My skin got completely numb. I couldn’t feel the pain of falling down. Earl reached ahead and then I wasn’t able to see him. I got worried for a little second but then I remember that Earl is pretty good at skiing so he must be enjoying it. Rather I should concentrate on myself. Amy was also trying hard and genuinely she was doing better than me. She has mentioned that she had taken a few beginners classes during last year.
I was trying really hard though I didn’t want to. But I guess I wanted to spend my energy on something, so that I wouldn’t have much energy left with me to cry for Victor. Hopefully if I get tired, then I would get good sleep as well. I didn’t get good sleep for so long. At last, I learned little. Finally I saw Earl and Amy. While they were walking towards me, I noticed that Earl was looking really excited and happy today. I should have noticed before but I did just now. I was completely preoccupied with the thoughts of Victor that I didn’t notice Earl’s excited face at all.
After skiing, we all were starving. We went to eat food to the nearby restaurant.
We all were tired so much that I didn’t have enough energy to complete my food plate.
Around 3 pm, we left for Salem. Before I entered into car, Amy set on the backseat of the car so I didn’t have any choice rather than sitting on front.
I noticed the smile on Earl’s face as I was going to seat on the front seat beside him. I was too tired to care about his smile. I just want to take rest.
Within 5 minutes, Amy was into sleep. Earl has started music. Jazz was playing on FM. I wanted to be awake because Earl was driving so I didn’t want to be rude by closing my eyes. Thought I was so tired and sleepy that I couldn’t resist my sleep and I felt asleep. After half an hour, I woke up with the voice of cell phone ring. Apparently it was Amy’s phone. She was talking to her mother. I felt really bad for Earl.
Earl, I am really sorry I didn’t realize when I felt asleep.
It is ok, Lily.
You were really tired and your eyes were really burning so it is good that you got some sleep.
Earl is always so nice to me that it is hard to say no to him for anything. He has always been so considerate.
We reached to my home.
Earl told me, Lily, please have some rest and take care. I will see you tomorrow at school. I hope you had good time today.
Thanks for the wonderful time. I enjoyed my day.
I went inside the home, and I just went to my bed. I was so tired that I didn’t care to change my clothes.
I suddenly heard the scream of Victor like he was calling me from very far place and he was waiting for me somewhere. I woke up abruptly. I wanted to make sure that he is fine but there is no way I can do that. His phone is switched off and I know that he may not get time to email me. I was really angry that I didn’t get any email after his first email. Yet, I have to remember that it is in our interest if they won’t know about us.
I am not sure but someday we have to tell them. What would happen if they know about us?
I wish I have these answers.
I went to kitchen to cook something. I have to still finish my statistics homework. I made mashed potato. I had little of it and then I went back to my room. I finished my homework. It took a while to finish it but I am glad that I was able to pass my time. I was looking for all possible ways to distract myself.
My knees were hurting me too much because of skiing. I had so much body ache. This body ache is nothing in front of the ache I have from my empty heart.
Bits of my heart began to disappear. My loneliness and desolation weigh in at nothing on the scale. I wish I can come out of this loneliness. A day without him feels like a decade. I was staring at the sky and trying to find him in the air if he wills show up. It didn’t happen though.
I remember when I first saw him, he was so angry at me, and I was unable to control my feeling for him. He was irresistible to me.
His softness, his moon white skin, blonde hair, moon flower scent was so enchanting. I am trying to feel his breath again, his scent again but he is not here with me. Tears pour down. Everything he said and he did, was the love.
Now that he was gone, I felt darkness only. But somehow I enjoyed this darkness as in the darkness; I can see the moon, which reminds me his existence, which gives me some satisfaction that he would be alright as he has some super natural ability to help him survive the worse. Moon always reminds me Victor and his ability.
Without him, every single moment feels wrong, not perfect. When I was a kid, I used to think that I want to touch the moon but now when I touch Victor, it feels like I am touching moon only. His skin is a reflection of moon.
I was so exhausted. I didn’t realize when I went to sleep and surprisingly I got good sleep.
If this pain is the cost to get good sleep, then I am willing to pay this cost.
I had to wake up to go to school though I can’t imagine the school without Victor. I had no motivation to go to school except completing chronic activities though I was looking forward to meeting Ashley and Oliver. I was hoping that they might know something about Victor.
When I reached to school, Oliver and Ashley were actually waiting for me near student locker room. I was astonished.
Hi Ashley and Oliver,
How are you guys doing?
Hi Lily, Ashley said.
We are doing well however we are curious to know about Victor and Florentina if you have heard something about them.
I was little disappointed by hearing that because I was hoping to ask the same question.
Ashley, I wanted to ask the same question. I received one email from Victor in which he mentioned that he is doing find and they are going to celebrate their parents’ wedding anniversary. He couldn’t find any sign of knowledge about Victor and me. But he mentioned that he is going to get some surprise tomorrow which he doesn’t know yet.
Ashley and Oliver’s expressions transformed from worry to happy. Their expression made me think that they may know about surprise.
Do you know what surprise that would be? I asked to both of them.
“Lily, I am not very sure what it would be, but I am sure that they are definitely not aware about you and Victor. If they were, then they wouldn’t have waited for any surprise or anniversary party”. Ashley replied.
I thought that makes sense. Why would they wait?
Ashley’s explanation helped to relax little but I am still curious to know the surprise.
Hey Ashley, I gotta go to the class. See you later.
I took some books from locker and I went to my class. Class was about homework discussion. Class was interesting or this is may be the first time, I am paying enough attention.
After classes, I had to go to work. Luckily, Earl has different timings today so I won’t see him at work.
Yesterday somehow I was able to manage my emotions but I have a fear that it will be really hard to hide from Earl. Earl knows that I love Victor as everybody in school does but he still considers himself as a competition with Victor for me. He still has to hope to achieve me. Sometimes, I actually feel good about this feeling of Earl, which I shouldn’t.
I like the fact that he loves me or likes me no matter what. It feels great to have some support in the case of need. I know that Earl would be that support.
The fact is that I can’t tell Earl about my worry, about Victor and his ability.
World is beautiful without unnecessary complications.
There is some part of me which is not ready to let go of Earl. That is the reason that I was never able to say no to Earl for anything. Earl is definitely my best friend. He may deserve more than but I can’t do that. I can’t love him and I don’t love him.
Love happens once and last forever.
Sometimes circumstance can make people apart, but lovers are never apart by heart.
I was very busy at work. Distractions are at least helping me to get through the days without him. I must say that I am actually enjoying routine because it keeps me busy.
Julie has assumed that I am unhappy because I am missing Victor too much hence she has made a dinner plan today at our home. She is going to invite Henry, Earl, Joseph and William. I wasn’t actually very keen towards this get to gather but I didn’t have any choice. She is right about her one part of assumption that I am missing him too much but other part is that I am mostly concerned about what’s going on in Switzerland.
After work, when I reached to home, Julie and Henry were already there. They were preparing dinner. I offered my help to them. I helped them to cut vegetables. We were almost done with cooking in an hour. Henry is really nice. He talked about mainly dance and music. In fact, he offered me his Salsa lessons for free. I asked him to show his salsa steps. He promised me to show his dance after dinner.
All people showed up except Earl. I was about to call him and suddenly my cell was ringing and It was Earl’s call.
Hey Earl, all friends are here. We are just waiting for you to start with dinner.
Where are you and when are you coming?
Hey Lily, I can’t come.
His sound was really tired. It felt like he didn’t get enough rest for so long.
What’s wrong Earl?
Nothing wrong Lily, but I am feeling little weak and I need some rest.
Ok Earl, no worries, you should have some rest.
I informed to everyone that Earl is not coming. People were little disappointed as he is not going to come but we went ahead with our dinner plan.
We all were really having good time. Everybody has enjoyed dinner.
After dinner, I reminded Henry about his promise.
Lily, I really didn’t forget my promise. Then he started CD player on. It was some sort of salsa dance music with slow beats. He started dancing Salsa with Julie. He was dancing really graciously and Julie was also following his lead nicely. It was nicely performed. While watching them, I was already dreaming about dancing with Victor during school party. But how can I miss that I am not going to be his date on school party night as he promised to Florentina. It was really magical the way they were dancing. They were really lost in their world. After 20 minutes, when music got over and we were clapping, they came into their senses. They were dancing so lively and graciously that it was very hard to divert attention for a split second.
I was amazed by their moves. It really made me think to consider taking dance class for next semester. Dancing without Victor is not fun. I can’t think of any other dance partner than Victor so I may have to convince him.
When everybody left home, I went back to my room to finish some house chores.
I have started reading again Othello. I love the character of Desdemona. Her selfless love always inspires me. I was reading Othello because I like it enough to get distracted from Victor’s thoughts for a while. I got little better sleep though not perfect. For now, there is only one happiness in my life that days are passing by my busy schedule. I feel closer to Victor by each passing day.
He will be arriving this Saturday. I would like to hear about each moment he spent there.
When I woke up, sun was rising and moon was disappearing. It is really beautiful to watch sun and moon together. It is strange that sometimes sun and moon look like they are fighting with each other and they don’t want to be together and sometimes, they are like best friends who never want to leave each other. Sun and moon existence remind me the existence of darkness and brightness together. If moon and sun cay live together and they can share sky, I can also stay with Victor and share a life.
I have to just perform regular routine, go to school, go to work and do homework.
On Wednesday, I met Earl at work. He has recovered from his sickness. He was also busy with his work and homework. Hence we didn’t meet during the week. Indeed, I like it that way. I admit that I like spending time with Earl. I feel really comfortable with him but I don’t want to show him any wrong sign.
Days were passing by, and finally my anxiety reached to an end.

Finally Saturday arrived after long wait. Each moment felt very long. I was waiting for Victor’s flight. Ashley and Oliver were also with me. I was fidgeting. My hands were cold. My legs were shivering. I was worried that what would have happened in Switzerland. I asked Ashley and Oliver but they also haven’t heard from Victor and Florentina. Their flight was supposed to be on time.
I was so nervous that I didn’t notice my surrounding. Ashley and Oliver were eating something and they offered me but I didn’t hear them. After a while, Ashley touched my hand, I felt a current. I felt that I was suddenly awake from long sleep.
I didn’t realize how hungry I was. I was so hungry that I finished entire sandwich.
At last, Victor showed up. He was walking towards me very quickly. He hugged me tightly that I couldn’t move at all.
We hugged each other for a minute or so. I didn’t know how long it was. It was the perfect moment.
I wish this moment would never end but it had to.  Victor wasn’t very sad, he was little bewildered though. He didn’t know where to start.
“Victor, I think you must be tired so you should take some rest and we will talk later”. I said.
“Yes Lily, you are right, I really want to talk to you but I think this is not the appropriate time and place to talk about it”. He replied.
Florentina was talking with Ashley and Oliver. She looked little disappointed. She has some kind of determination on her face like she wants to prove something. I don’t know what it was.
I offered a ride to Victor till his home. But he denied. He told me that he wants to have some rest but he will visit me in the evening. 
I agreed though I was surprised by his denial. His expressions are so confused that I couldn’t figure out anything.
I reached to home. I was waiting for the evening. I decided to make some good food for Victor.
I went to kitchen. Luckily nobody was there because Julie and Henry went to Seattle for this weekend. I turned on the music loudly while cooking.
 I made some steamed rice, chow mein and mixed veggies. I know that he likes Chinese food.
After cooking, I went back to my room to finish some study for tomorrow.
Professor Gary has asked us to read chapter 13 of Economics. He is known for surprise test. We may have test tomorrow. Hence it is better to study. When I have started reading suddenly my eye went on my cell phone, there was one voice mail from Victor. I missed his call when I was cooking. I couldn’t hear the ring tone because of loud music.
I turned on his voice mail.
“Dear Lily, I am sorry that I denied your ride. I will explain you everything in the morning. I can’t tell you how much I have missed you. I really want to talk to you. There is too much to tell you. I will come to your home in the evening around 6 pm. See you soon”.
I felt good after hearing his voicemail. I knew that something would have happened.  
I heard the knock on my door. I opened the door. Victor was standing. He looked as handsome as he never looked before. He had more moonlight on his face which is irresistible.
Hey Victor, I made some dinner for us.
Thanks Lily, we will eat later.
First I want to talk.
I had fear hence I was postponing to listen to him. Even though I want to hear it desperately but I was afraid that it might affect my relationship with Victor which I wasn’t ready to sacrifice at any cost.
Lily, we celebrated my parents’ anniversary. It was a very big celebration. All moon society people were there. I had good time with parents. I wanted to tell them about us but I didn’t have courage to do so.
The day before celebration, my parents told me that there was one surprise for me tomorrow. I asked them but I had to wait.
During the celebration, after dance, my father invited me and Florentina on stage. I was shocked. I didn’t know why he has invited both of us on stage. Then he announced to everybody that if we both are fine then he would like to have engagement of us today. I was scared to hell. I didn’t know what to say. I wanted to tell them about us but it wasn’t a right moment because breaking a protocol could result in your death and they will punish me as well.
I was thinking about all possible reasons to say no for this adjustment.
Victor, are you engaged? I asked him with shock and horror.
My nerves were freeze. I didn’t have courage to hear more.
My face became red. I don’t know what to do.
I gathered courage and asked him what happened after.
I was thinking each possible reason to say no like I am feeling sick so I want to go to hospital so that I can postpone it at least for a while. I want to buy time to figure out something. I was thinking to take my life but then I thought about you. I can’t do that. I thought that I should tell them about us even if it would result in our death. I have to have convincing reason otherwise they won’t buy it.
I was staring at Florentina with horror. I disgusted her so much at that time. She saw that in my eyes. I thought she would be happy for this like her dream came true. But she didn’t look happy with this announcement either. Her parents were there too. Everybody was so happy except both of us.
Victor, did you get engaged? I asked. I was losing my breath.
I noticed that he wasn’t wearing any ring which gave me little peace.
No Lily, I didn’t get engage. If I would have, I wouldn’t be standing here instead I would have committed suicide.
Please victor, don’t say that.
You have no idea how much I love you. The idea of losing you kills me.
You know that I love you more than anything else in the world. I told him with faith in my eyes.
What happened after? I asked curiously.
All people were so happy after hearing this announcement. Florentina and I were standing on the stage – beside each other. People were expecting from us to accept this engagement and go ahead with the celebration. I have noticed that our parents were standing behind us and they had jewelry box with them which would have rings. Both parents were staring at each other with excitement. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to run away but I couldn’t.
The whole time Florentina was watching her parents, my parents, guests and me.
I took a deep breath. I was seriously considering telling everybody about us. I wouldn’t care about consequences anymore. Victor added.
I took a microphone in my hand near my mouth. I was about to reveal about us and Florentina suddenly came very near to me and she grabbed a microphone from my hand politely so that people won’t notice it. She got shocked because she got an idea by looking at my face that I was about to share our fact with everybody. We have started whispering so that nobody could hear. Victor continued.
Florentina, I can’t get engaged with you, I told her.
Victor, I know about that, but what are you doing? Your announcement could result in her death or your death or life long punishment.
I don’t care anymore, I would be ok with my death but I can’t think of getting engaged with anybody else.
People were staring at us and they were trying to figure out what we were up to.
I became impatient and I took a microphone from her hand.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to share a very important fact about my life.
Florentina were getting reckless. She was about to jump on me and stopped me for sharing. However, instead of jumping, she fainted. Crowd became chaotic. Her mother has held her. Her father called for the doctor. I had a feeling that she was just acting to distract people so that engagement won’t happen today. I was shocked by her actions. Why would she do this? To save me or you or whom?
I was following her parents. My parents were just beside me. I was pretending to be unhappy by this though I was really happy.
Her parents took her into a room. They laid her on the bed. Doctor was arrived after fifteen minutes. Her parents and I were standing near her bed.
After checking her, Doctor said that she would be tired or surprised and hence she fainted but she would be fine. She opened her eyes slowly while doctor was checking her. Doctor suggested her to take rest.
After doctor has gone, she asked her parents that I want to talk to Victor in privacy. Her parents left the room.
I asked her, “Did you faint deliberately?”
What were you thinking of yourself? Do you have any idea what would have happened if you would have told everybody about you and Lily?
First they would have killed her and then you would have given death sentence or lifelong imprisonment. What would I do if you will be dead? I know you love her but at least I have a hope that I would be with you someday. This hope gives me strength. I don’t want to lose my hope by losing you.
She looked really doleful.
Florentina, I am thankful that you saved me and Lily. I am really sorry that the relationship between us didn’t turn out as you have expected but I will be your friend always.
At last I came out of her room, by that time, celebration was over. I heard that my parents and her parents were talking about us and they have postponed our engagement till summer.
Lily, hence problem is postponed but not solved. Nobody has doubt on Florentina and me. We just spend rest of the days with them normally. People were really sympathetic to us as our engagement couldn’t happen. For the first time, I wasn’t really comfortable among my own people. I realized that without you, Lily, my world is not complete. I felt like stranger among my people as I have to find an explanation or a lie to handle their questions. I didn’t want to lie. I wanted to tell truth to everybody. I wish I could change rules. I wish I wouldn’t be part of this society and we both would be just part of the normal world.
Lily, I am really sorry if I make you feel bad or if I did something wrong. You are my heaven, you are my paradise. If you are not with me, then heaven is nothing for me.
Victor, I love you. I trust you more than anybody. I hugged him softly. After a few seconds, I was trying to get away from his embrace; he was holding my hands. We were so close that I can smell his breath, his body scent. My hairs were touching his cheeks. Our lips were so closed that we can feel the warmness of mouth. Suddenly, I felt shy and I started a conversation to distract both of us.
Victor, I am glad that you are here. I missed you a lot. Without you, days are like a long journey which I have to survive rather than to enjoy.
Let’s have some dinner Victor. I made your favorite Chinese food. Can you wait here for five minutes till I prepared a dinner table? I asked him.
Do you want me to help Lily? He asked me in reply.
Nope, just wait here.
I went to kitchen rapidly. I have put all dishes and food on the dinner table. I took out all chairs except two chairs. I put two chairs very close by. I lit two candles. I put a flowery table cloth on table with simple colored place mats. I decorated a table properly with leaves, garlands, fruits and flowers set. I put large napkins neatly folded on dinner table.
When I was done with my preparation, I went back to my room to invite Victor for dinner.
He was really surprised to see the decoration. He had a big smile on his face.
Lily, this is so alluring. The smell of flowers felt my heart with happiness. Hmm I know you must have white lilies. I love smell of lilies. 
Ok now let’s enjoy the dinner. We sat down on the table. We both were enjoying food while staring at each other. Candles have smell of lavender which was soothing for this perfect moment. After dinner and long talk about how I spent my week, we were feeling sleepy.
He kissed my cheeks and wished me good night and he left.
I was satisfied today because I had good time with Victor.
My cell phone rang and it was my mom.
Mom, I am sorry I didn’t call you. I was busy with job and school. Today Victor came from his trip, I cooked dinner for him and he went home for a while ago. I told her excitedly.
And finally I heard sound from other end. Ok lily, you seemed really happy. I am sure that it is because of Victor. I am just glad that you are happy. Mom told me. She understood the happiness in my sound. She seemed happy too after feeling my happiness. We talked for a while and then I went to sleep happily.
Sunday went by and finally Monday comes.
I was excited again to go to school as Victor would be at school again. His mere presence filled happiness in my world. I had two lectures in the morning before lunch time.
When I reached to school, I saw Earl, in the corridor. He was talking with some guy but when I was passing by, he finished his conversation with the guy and he shouted my name. Everybody was gawking at me. I got annoyed.
“What’s wrong with you Earl?” why are you yelling? I asked.
“I am sorry Lily for shouting. I forgot that I was in corridor. I am so happy today”. He replied enthusiastically.
“Yes I can see that on your face. What’s the reason behind your happiness?” I asked him casually.
“I am going to California this weekend. I got this trip as a gift from my parents. Actually we have an uncle in California and my parents and I are going for his 25th wedding anniversary. So I am excited to visit California. It would be great if you get a chance to visit your family.” He said.
“I am really glad for you but I can’t go this weekend to California.” I replied him.
He was so happy that he hugged me softly. I was little embarrassed but I thought it is ok as he is my friend and he is sharing his happiness.  I was trying softly to get out of his embrace but he had tightened the embrace when I tried to get out of it. I felt little uncomfortable. Finally he let me out of embrace but we were so close. I quickly gazed at our surroundings but nobody was there at that time. I observed that he was looking at my eyes, lips, and on my face carefully. I moved little back to make myself more comfortable. Suddenly he grabbed my hands and moved very close to my lips. I was shocked for a second and I couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to do. Then I got back my senses very quickly. His lips are barely touching my lips and before he can kiss me, I raised my hands to slap him. When my hands were almost reaching his cheeks to stop him from kissing me, suddenly Victor appeared from nowhere and he slapped Earl. It was totally unexpected. It resulted worse than I could ever think of. They have started fighting. Many people were watching this fight as a new action movie released in a theatre after a long time.
First Victor slapped Earl on his cheeks. Earl got furious. Earl kicked Victor on his stomach. Victor got angrier and he kicked him back on Earl’s chest. Without even realizing what exactly was happening, Earl found himself flat on his back, sucking in deep breaths of air. He fell down on the floor. He gathered courage to stand up again. All the time I was so shocked that I was freeze at the place I was standing. I blacked out for a moment.
Then I saw, Earl was hitting Victor on his chest and abruptly Victor’s shirt was ripped off. I tried to stop both of them but Victor threw me back gently. Suddenly my gaze reached to Victor’s chest and I was surprised by looking at this chest. There was a strong half moon shape on his chest. It was kind of a tattoo. I looked at people standing there; a few people have noticed it. The tattoo was so real on his bare chest that it looked like birthmark rather than tattoo. Whatever it was, but I had to ask Victor to figure it out.
While I was looking at Victor’s chest, he hit Earl strongly on his stomach and Earl was on the floor again. The people who were watching got scared. At last school professors and dean showed up and fight called off. I was relaxed that fight had come to its end but now they had to face the consequences of this fight. Audience went back to their classroom and I went to mine because I was already late. I heard that Victor and Earl had to go to Dean’s office. They are in trouble. I just hope that they will accept their mistake and Dean will forgive them.
After the class, I ran to Victor. He and Earl got a week suspension notice for the fight. I had to go to another class so I promised Victor to meet him in the evening at the beach.
After completing all classes and job, I went to beach.
We sat on the sands. Beach was looking very pretty. Sun was setting. Birds were flying everywhere. The sun was trying to cover behind the mountains. The little rays of sunshine were creating shadows of mountains under the water. The part of the sun could still be watched as the reflection in the water.
There were very less number of people at the beach.
Victor’s head was in my lap. I was sitting very relaxingly.
“Victor, what happened in the Dean’s office?” I asked.
“We went to Dean’s office, he scolded us and then he has ordered us a week long suspension. We said sorry and we have promised that this won’t happen again and we have to accept the suspension. It wasn’t a choice. If we wouldn’t accept it positively then it could result in a semester of suspension. Hence we have accepted it.” Victor replied.
“Victor, you just came back this week from your trip and now you will miss one more week. I know you are smart enough to catch up everything but I am worried about not seeing you at school. I can’t tolerate this more. I don’t like to go to school without you”. I was telling him with disappointed eyes.
“Lily, don’t worry, I am here only, we will meet daily”, he said.
“Victor, what do you have on your chest? It looked like a tattoo but so real like birthmark”. I asked him with a little fear.
“Lily, it is the sign of moon people. Each moon people have half moon on their chest. Hundreds year back, that was the way we could identify through this sign the people who belong to moon world. Today also it is a prevalent way but now it is easy for us to identify through their skin, smell, look, etc.” He continued.
“We have a few moon legends left in our society. They generally live in the moon city or on the moon. Normally we all can fly and we can reach to moon within a few hours.” He added.

Legends and history of Moon Society:
“Victor, I want to know the story of your legends, your society.” I asked him with excitement.
“We are not supposed to share our story with other people. So far there wasn’t a question whether to share or not because moon people get married with other moon people only and everybody knows the story. As you are an integral part of my life now, you deserve to know everything about me and my society.” Victor continued.
“Let me start from the very beginning. The origin of our clan is unknown. Our legends are thousands of years old. Some of the real stories about our legends are still unknown. Around thousand years ago, moon people were living on Moon instead of Earth. Our great legend Orpheus used to stay on Moon with a few people. They have built a palace for them to stay there. Orpheus was a big, tall man with a lot of powers. Palace was built by few people and it takes them five years to build it. Palace was made of white shiny glasses. The palace was as shiny as white pearls. From far, it looks like palace made of pearls. Some of the areas were built of white marbles. The palace has forty rooms. Each room is unique in its own perspective, in terms of furniture, size, smell, etc. Each room has unique smell, one room has lavender smell, other has rose smell then other has jasmine smell. The smell never goes. Each room has unique chandelier. The biggest room is the common room which they call as Discussion room. Once in a week, people used to get to gather in that room to discuss about various issues and to solve various problems of individual. There was one party room as well where they used to celebrate.
Flying is by default power possesses by every moon people but at that time people used to have more powers like they can read minds, they can predict future, they can change weather, they can get invisible, etc. By the time, people were using fewer powers hence powers were disappeared from generation to generation. Though we still believe that if we use our energy and meditation, we can get our powers back.
Let me describe the Moon now. The moon has low gravity as compared to Earth but we are used with it hence we can live there easily. It has very beautiful moving lake, Alps, trees, gardens, etc. Nothing stays at the same place on Moon.  There is one big lake on Moon which is known as Moon Lake. It is a very deep lake. It is the deepest lake as compared to any lake of the Earth. It was very hard to build something on Moon considering that it wouldn’t stand at the same place. It was very tough to build the palace on Moon.
Orpheus was so strong but he became greedy for more powers. Orpheus had one son, Kobe. Kobe was strong and smart. He had figured out the intentions of Orpheus. He wasn’t happy with it.
Orpheus was living with a few people and they all had different powers. They used to live in the same palace. Orpheus wanted to build his own army so that if some other planet people attack on Moon, so he can fight. Generally no planets would fight with each other, that was the implied rule among different planets but he didn’t trust anybody.
Later we found out that his real goal was to fight and win other planets. Hence he decided to explore more planets to find people with different powers and one day he found a few more people with same half moon sign on their bare chest. He got shocked by seeing other people of our clan. He spent a few days with them to figure out about their powers. He found out that they possess different powers like physical strength, invisibility, flying, etc but they all were using their powers for noble causes rather than for destructive reasons.
He tried to convince those people to leave their planet as they belong to Moon, but they were happy with the people they were living. They believed that they belonged to the planet where they live instead of Moon. Orpheus got frustrated. He told his plans to win other planets. Those people didn’t support him. He got angry one day and he killed a few of them. He came back to Moon after this experience. Moon society didn’t support him. Everybody has disgusted him. His intentions were wrong. He didn’t give up. He had so many powers within hence it was never easy to fight with him. He left the moon society to find more people of our clan. It was heard from his visit that we can find our clan on different planets. Hence a few people have decided to visit different planets independently. Before they leave, they have decided to meet once a year during the last week of December when we celebrate Christmas here. We call it Moon festival.
After few years, Orpheus died while fighting with other planet people. Nobody had seen him once he left the Moon. Orpheus and other moon people used to look like the combination of native Indians and Caucasian. After Orpheus, we had new leaders Kobe and Akia. Kobe became the king of our tribe and Akia became the queen as she married to Kobe. Kobe and Akia have always lived in that palace till they were alive. They never left the Moon as they considered Moon as the only home. They had very strong feeling for white palace as well. They have always invited people who wanted to stay there. They spent their life in the palace happily while taking care of the remaining people. They have decorated the entire Moon planet so beautifully. In each corner, there was one garden with unique flowers. After living for four hundred years, both died.
One day a few moon people reached to Earth. They could see the Great Wall of China from Moon. Hence they first reached to China. They spent a couple of years there to explore uniqueness of it. After a while, they figured out that Earth was really big and they wanted to explore more. They travelled a lot of places. They travelled entire Europe and finally they were surprised by the beauty of Confoederatio Helvetica which is currently known as Switzerland. They felt that Switzerland could be the only place on the Earth which is as beautiful as the Moon planet. They fell in love with the beauty of Swiss Alps. Hence they decided to build a replica of Moon palace in Switzerland. It was made in the outskirts of Switzerland which used to be a center place of Switzerland five hundred years ago. The palace took fifty years to build completely. It was built by carving Swiss Alps.
Now it is situated in the outskirts so people generally don’t know about this palace. Especially from outside, it still looks like Alps only. There are very small holes in the palace for getting sun rays. It is so white that even a single ray of sun can illuminate the entire palace because of reflection of rays. Hence the palace requires very less of Sun. The architecture of the palace is very old classy style. The architecture includes all the legends of our clan. It has Kobe, Akia, Orpheus, etc. Architecture includes the flowers which can only be seen on Moon. Today most moon people stay in this palace. Our current king and queen are considered as descendants of Kobe and Akia. Our king, Yotam, has been in this palace for last 300 hundred years. His queen Nsia, has been with him for the same period of time. They have six children. All have been studying and exploring knowledge from each corner of the world. My parents have been living there for last 200 hundred years. I grew up there. I spent my ten years there. I am sure you must be wondering about my age. But my age is eighteen only.
At certain point of age, we stop growing and we remain same. But that certain point is different from person to person. Hence typically whenever this happen, it becomes hard to live with normal people. At that time, we always decide to go back and spend rest of the life with Moon people.  
We celebrate two big festivals one is Moon festival which comes in December other is spring festival which comes in June.
The sixth son of Yotam and Nsia is Oliver. Oliver is actually fifty years old but he has stopped aging after twenty. The other five brothers of Oliver live with their parents. Oliver likes to live on his own. He wanted to learn explore different culture. He wanted to gain knowledge. He has attended ten colleges so far. After each college, he takes a year break and spends that year with his family in Switzerland.
Ashley actually grew up on Moon instead of Switzerland. Her mom, Monifa and her dad, Kojo never enjoy living on Earth. Oliver was already 10 years old when Ashley was born.
 Yotam and Nsia were always close to Ashley’s parents. In fact they had premonition before Ashley’s birth. Yotam and Nsia were sure about the girl child and they were sure that she would be the perfect soul mate for their sixth kid, Oliver. Monifa and Kojo were very happy to know this. They have always liked Oliver.
When Ashley was born, everybody was so happy including Oliver. He was extra possessive about her from the beginning. He has always taken care of her. Oliver lived on Moon with Ashley till she turned five. Oliver wanted to go to school in Switzerland hence he came to white palace of Switzerland. After that he lived there for many years. Oliver and Ashley used to visit each other quite often. When Ashley turned seventeen, she has decided to go for further study. She wanted to stay with Oliver. She spent five years in White Palace with Oliver while studying in Switzerland.
After five years, both have decided to move from Switzerland. They spent two years in Italy where they have learned art and paintings together. Finally they decided to go to United States for further studies. They have spent a few years in New York. They like the fast life of New York but they got tired by fast life very soon and they wanted to move to West Coast. They wanted to live in the greenest state of United States. They wanted to live with natural beauty. They found out that Oregon is the greenest state with very beautiful scenic places like Crater Lake. Hence they moved to Oregon. They are enjoying here.
Yotam and Nsia’s fifth son, namely, Zorro, was an important character of our history. He was born with special abilities like mind reading, future telling, etc. He was a strong warrior also. He was very ethical about using his ability for good purposes only. He has always saved our society from our enemies.
Before 300 years ago, there was a tribe, namely Rori in Europe who found out about us. They also possessed some unique powers. They wanted to destroy our clan. They wanted to prove themselves as the strongest clan on the Earth. Yotam and Nsia had tried to convince them to solve this issue without having war. Zorro was also against war. He wanted to make an agreement with them which can protect us as well as their clan. But Rori wasn’t supportive at all. Finally it had to result in war. Zorro, Yotam and Nsia were creating army to fight against Rori.
At last war happened, it had very bad consequences. We lost a few people of our clan and Rori tribe was almost abolished. The war was very intense. Zorro fell in love with one of the ladies of Rori clan. Her name was Aabi. He has protected her from everybody. It was the mistake done by Zorro. Yotam and Nsia were ok with protecting her but not marrying her as it was against the rules. Zorro was in deep love with Aabi. He wanted to run away with her but it didn’t work because it was easy to track wherever they would go because of powers. He couldn’t run but his love was pure and unforgettable. He was ready to die for her but he didn’t want to leave her for anything. She was also deeply in love with him. Zorro had to leave her no matter what. Yotam, Nsia and other people were not enemies of them but they had to respect our clan. Clan comes first than anything else. Clan is above everything.
They had tried to convince Aabi also but it didn’t work either. At last, the very next day, we came to know that Zorro and Aabi had performed suicide. Everybody was in grief. Yotam and Nsia were in shock as they didn’t want to lose their kid. Hence going forward, they have decided that they would choose partners for kids when they were young so that they know with whom they have to get married at the right age. They try to convince kids about their life partner since childhood. They always try that kids should go to school together and play together so they can become friends. It has been working successfully for so many years.
Zorro was a legend. We still remember him with respect. We respect his self less love too.” He finished here.
“Hey Lily, are you still listening?” He touched my shoulder and asked.
I was staring at water but I was listening to him very carefully.
Yes, Victor, I am. I have heard every word you said. You have a deep history.
“Your society and legends are really respected”. I said.
“Victor, I am scared, what will happen with us? Do we also have to die? I want to spend my entire life with you, I want to see our kids playing in our lawn with you, I want to spend happy and bad times with you.” I asked.
“Lily, we will spend our life together. Nobody can detach us. Like sun rays can’t be detached from Sun, water can’t be detached from Sea, love can’t be detached from Heart, and the same way Lily can’t be detached from Victor.” Victor said.
His statement brought some sudden fulfillment in my heart. There was a great confidence in his voice which made me believe that he was right. I shouldn’t lose hope. Where there is complete dark, moon light could also show us the way. Although we are so used to with having light around us that we don’t appreciate moon light. I have a faith on Victor’s faith that we will be together.
I didn’t realize how much time we spent on beach. It was complete dark. There is no extra light on that beach. Nobody was there. Luckily it was full moon day. Honestly I never needed a moon whenever Victor was around. His shine is enough for me. Although I must say that full moon was really beautiful. We were so tired. I was still holding his hands. A gentle brush of his fingers shivered me. We both were sitting very close to each other.
There was sun light on my face which woke me up. We slept on the beach entire night. We never knew when we fell asleep. I woke him up. I had to get ready for school.
I have already missed one class when I reached to school. I didn’t regret for missing one lecture. I had an amazing time with Victor. When victor is with me, I feel like I am in heaven.
My heart is beating because of him. I wake up each day with a smile because of him. The world looks beautiful because of him. He has changed my world completely.
Earl had called me but I didn’t pick up his call. He texted me sorry but I didn’t respond anything. I was really angry at him. I explained him so many times that he couldn’t be more than a friend but he didn’t get it and now he put himself and Victor in trouble. I wanted to pick up his call and I wanted to forgive him but I wanted him to realize his mistake as well. Earl’s friendship has helped me to overcome my bad times.
I was having lunch in Cafeteria with other friends.
“Did you talk to Earl?” Julie asked me.
I was little annoyed by her question. I wanted to say it’s not your business but I didn’t.
“Julie, I am not talking to him.” I replied.
“Lily, you should talk to him. He is in hospital. You should go there.” Julie told me.
“I am not going anywhere, I have a class and I am going there. Is anybody coming with me?” I said and I left the table.
I went to class but the news about Earl has distracted me and I couldn’t concentrate. I made up my mind that I have to go to meet Earl. He has always been helpful. I couldn’t run away when he needed me.
I thought I should inform Victor hence I decided to call him.
“Hey Victor, Earl is in the hospital. I think I should meet him. What do you think?” I asked him softly.
“Lily, why do you want to meet him? After all these happened, you still consider him as your friend.” He replied.
“Victor, he texted me sorry and I have to forgive him, he is in hospital, he has always been a nice friend, I have to go.” I said.
“Lily, if you are going to hospital, I want to come with you, I don’t trust him, I can’t leave you alone with him.” He said anxiously.
“Victor, trust me, nothing will happen, I need to meet him alone if you come he may get angry, you have to calm down.” I told him.
Finally he calmed down.
In the evening, I went to hospital.
This is the first time I was visiting Salem Hospital. The main entrance to each block was from the front and led into spacious lobby from which access can be gained onto the wards. Glass covered patios allowed patients to obtain fresh air and sun shine. The highly polished floors were in orange. When I entered into his room, room had ample space. It had huge windows which has brightened room with natural light. There was one couch and two chairs in the room. His mom was there. When I entered the room, she left the room to give us some privacy.
I was standing near his bed; he awakened when he noticed me. He gave me a big smile.
“Lily, I am really happy that you came here. I don’t want to lose the chance to say sorry. I am really sorry for my unacceptable behavior. I promise that it won’t happen again. Will you be still my friend?” He asked me.
“Of course Earl, you have always been my nice friend. I am glad that I came here. How are you feeling now?” I asked.
“I am feeling better. I can go home tomorrow.” He told me.
Then we talked about school and work. I left after half an hour. I talked with him and his mom for a while.
 When I reached home, Victor was already in my room.
He looked worried and impatient.
“Victor, calm down, nothing happened, he said sorry and I have forgiven him, he has promised me that this won’t happen again. He felt guilty for his behavior. He is my friend who stands always for me. He is going to discharge tomorrow from hospital. You have to trust me.”
His temperament got changed and he looked chill.
“Lily, I trust you completely, but I don’t trust him. Let’s forget it and we should move on as our exams are also coming soon. We have to prepare for that” He continued.
“Do you want to study together for exams?” He asked me eagerly.
“Yes sure Victor, it would be good, I need to catch up anyway and you need my school notes.” I said agreeably.
We had food together and then he left.
I was feeling sad for Earl but I was glad that we became friends again. I didn’t want to lose his friendship.
A week went by. Earl and Victor have joined school again. They were not really cordial to each other but they were very cordial to each other when I was around.
I was again working with Earl at store and often we were sharing rides to work. Victor wasn’t really happy with this situation but he didn’t have a problem either.
It has been long time I talked to my parents hence I finally called them. I didn’t really tell them what happened between Earl and me. I just told them that I was going to have exams and I have been busy with exam preparation.
I am excitedly waiting for next week. Next week is my birthday. Generally I have always celebrated my birthday with parents. I am going to miss them. My parents have always arranged a small party for me with close friends come over. It has been a great time with a lot of beautiful gifts.
I am not a big celebration person but I like small celebration with my close friends and family. I am pretty sure that my parents would send me a gift.
Finally on Saturday,
I got a call from Earl in the morning. He needed help with one assignment.
I asked him to come over at my place.
Victor was already there.
When Earl came to my home, he got little surprised to see Victor.
They greeted each other like people greet on formal dinner table.
There was a tension in air. To lighten the tension, I offered a cake. Sweet could do a magic.
I helped Earl with his questions. Cake did a little help not a lot. They talked with each other but like a teacher and student. One asks a question and other gives the answer. It was really uncomfortable to be with both of them in the same house.
Earl left after an hour. Victor and I started studying again. I wasn’t sure that Victor was aware about my birthday or not. I didn’t want to remind him from my side.
I noticed that Victor’s face was little perturbed.
“Victor, you look uneasy. Is something bothering you? I asked.
“Lily, I wanted to ask you something. Florentina wants to study with me for literature. I mean study with us if you don’t mind.” He asked anxiously.
I was little apprehensive about this proposal but I don’t want to be a villain between their friendship.
“Victor, I wouldn’t mind studying with her if she will be comfortable with it. I am ok if you both only want to study Literature together.”
He looked really happy. He praised me for my understanding.
“Lily, I know now how did I fell in love with you. You really have a big heart for everybody.” Victor told me with teasing sound.
We finished study for the day. We were in teasing mood. I grabbed him close for a hug. I hugged him tightly and I kissed him on his eyes, cheeks, ears. Suddenly atmosphere of the room turned so romantic. In our heart, music was playing. Violin was playing on high level. All instruments have made a beautiful melody within inside. He has started kissing me on my cheeks, neck, eyes. His lips were very close to my lips. He was just going to kiss me and suddenly phone had started ringing. I must say that phone ring was a villain to our love story. And it has to be Earl. Earl has forgot his note hence he reminded me to bring his notes on Monday. I agreed. I was hoping to have my first kiss today but it didn’t happen like an unfulfilled dream. I saw a little hesitant in Victor’s eyes. He could be also waiting for this moment for so long.
Then Victor left.
I was eagerly waiting for my birthday and of course for a gift from parents. My birthday is on 18th November which is coming Wednesday. I am going to turn 19 this year. 19th is my last teenage year which makes me little unhappy as well.
When I woke up next morning, I was feeling little tired. Hence I thought to go back to bed again. I took some rest and finally I came out of bed.
For a second, a thought ran into my mind. What if, Victor will get married to Florentina? What if, he would accept her eventually? What will I do? Could I consider Earl more than a friend?
I got back to my senses. I settled down with my thought.  I sat down on a chair, had some water. Then I thought in peace. And I regretted for distrusting Victor for a second. I can’t be with Earl ever. I know Victor will never ever break my heart. I didn’t know why this idea crossed my mind.
I just hope that as long as I am alive, I am with Victor. I want to spend my last breath with Victor, my last moment with Victor, my last smile with Victor, my last tears with Victor, my last kiss with Victor.

We all were attending school thoroughly because of fear of coming exams. We were studying seriously. We had many group assignments to finish hence we spent a lot of time in library completing our assignments and homework. I spent rest of the time at work.
Each student looked little tense as exams and final project submissions are approaching very fast. A few students look confident as they have studied everything and finished their assignments in much advance but rest look worried. Some are already making the party plans after exams.
On Tuesday, after completing school and work, I reached home. There was a parcel at my door from UPS.
It was a big box, which can contain TV also. It was nicely packed with pink less on the front side. I was got startled by looking at this big box. I was expecting some kind of a gift from my parents but not exactly this big.
Many thoughts ran in to my mind about the possible gift ideas. I was opening the box. I was looking at the tag on the box. I was hoping that it was from my parents but I was shocked to see that it was from Earl. I didn’t expect that at all.
I quickly opened the box and it was very big white teddy bear. On its stomach, Happy Birthday was written with red letters. It was a big white teddy bear. It was very smooth and fur was very soft. I really liked it. I hugged it softly and I was playing with the teddy bear.
It reminded me my one of the best birthday. On my 10th birthday, my dad has given me the big pink teddy bear. It was really cute and I used to hug it all the time. I have to call Earl to thank him for the wonderful gift.
I picked up my phone and dial his number.
On the other end, he picked up the phone.
I told him, “Hey Earl, thanks for the wonderful gift. I do like to so much. I love teddy bear.”
He replied, “I knew it. I remember once you have mentioned about Teddy Bear so I thought that you would definitely like it. Happy Birthday”
We talked for a while and then we hung up the phone. Earl has been really nice to me. I can’t believe that he remembers that I like Teddy Bear.
I had dinner with Julie and I told her about Earl’s gift. She was also got surprised but happy surprise. I told her about my all birthdays so far. My all birthdays are memorable because of friends and family.
I was still hoping for some special gift from my parents. I had to do finish my assignment. It was around 11:30 pm when I was done with my assignment. I went to bed.
I was sleeping and suddenly I heard the sound “Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear Lily” and I woke up. It was Victor’s sound. I quickly saw the watch and it was sharp midnight. I opened my eyes and I was surprised to see my own room. It has so many candles everywhere and the candles have filled room with beautiful fragrance and light. On my desk, there is a cake. I can’t believe that Victor has done all of these preparations in half an hour and without making any sound. I guess I was really sleepy that I didn’t realize any sound. Room was looking so pretty. There was a box wrapped with white lace on my desk and there were white lilies everywhere in my room. I can smell it clearly.
I blow off the candles and I cut the cake. It was hazelnut almond cake with raspberries.  I put it in to his mouth the small piece. He stopped my hand gently and moved towards my mouth.  I had it. It was heavenly. He asked me to open the gift. It was very small box with a nice packing. My mind was already thinking the possible options. I opened it quickly and there was a nice necklace in it. It was heart shape diamond necklace. It was so beautiful that I can’t stop staring at it. In the heart shape, there was a very small picture of both of us. The necklace was as perfect as I could ever imagine. The picture was so beautiful. Our photo looks so inseparable. I wish that our real life could be also as inseparable as this photo. He took it from my hand and reached to my neck to tie it. I moved my hair on one side so that he can knot the necklace around my neck.
He told me that there is still one special gift left. I was surprised by that as there wasn’t any other unopened box in my room. He softly reached from my neck to my front side. He was very near to my face. He hugged me gently. He kissed me on my forehead softly. He was very near to my lips. I can smell his breath. I was feeling little nervous.  His fingers were curling with tingling warmth around the nape of my head as he leaned down.  . And for the first time, he pressed his lips lightly on mine. I was kind of frozen and didn’t know how to respond but I decided quickly to respond his kiss. I kissed him back softly. My heart was pounding terribly. Then we went away little further from each other. We were staring each other. He leaned again towards me and I was so eager that I went so fast and our noses hit. We laughed on it and he kissed on my lips again. I kissed him back instantly. It was the most wonderful moments of my life. We were staring at each other for a long time. It was already 1 am. I was feeling sleepy. I checked my phone and it had a few missed calls from parents and friends. I didn’t notice it because my phone was on vibration. I called my parents after Victor left. We talked for a while and then I went back to bed again.