Thursday, September 22, 2011


Bride was killed by someone on her wedding day.
Accursed, unhappy, wretched, hateful day!
"Maan''''''''.Maan'''''''.Maan''''''''.."Maan heard his name in heart wrenching tone.
"Please let me go, Geet is calling me, I want to go with her, she is waiting for me. Why can't you guys understand? She is calling me, she needs me, she wants me, she wants me to hold her, she wants me to seat by her side, she wants me to remove her tears from cheeks. Why are you stopping me? , today is our wedding day, please let me go with her."
Dadi, Ani, Arujn, Adi, Pinkey ' all were holding Maan tightly with tears in their eyes, they tried hard to hold him, but Maan was strong enough to break their grip, as soon as he took one step, everybody took two steps towards him to hold him back.
"I can't live without her, please let me go."Maan says while tears rolling down his eyes. He was incessantly calling her name; his arms stretched out to take her into his arms, his eyes were staring at the door with the hope of finding those intense eyes again in which he got lost. She was pleading him to come with her, Maan couldn't deny her pleads, after all, she was the only one for whom he wanted to live, without her, life was no more than death, Maan tried to break the grip of people, the people who were trying hard to stop Maan, but nobody could stop him today.
In her caressing tone, she was still pleading Maan to come with her. Maan was trembling with the fear of not seeing Geet again; he hated his own people who were not letting him go with her. People shouted from behind to stop him, but Maan didn't care to listen.
People were dressed up for the wedding, the room was decorated with colorful flowers and lights, all kinds of cuisine were ready to serve, but within a second, all things that we ordained festival were turned into black funeral, musical instruments turned into melancholy bells, wedding cheer turned into sad burial feast, bridal flowers turned into wreath, wedding bed turned into casket.
She was murmuring his name with tears in her eyes, Maan couldn't resist her voice, the only picture he could see in front his eyes is Geet, the only voice he could hear is Geet's voice, the only scent he could smell is her scent, the only tears he could see is her tears, the only breath he could hear is her heartbeats- all emotions compelled him to go with her.
"Geet, stop, don't go alone" he whispered.
"Take my hand and we will go together."Maan begged.
"Don't leave me alone with these people who can't appreciate our love, who are barricading me from going with you."Maan was shouting.
"Geet, don't leave, this wedding intertwined us forever; we shall follow each promise which we took with each circle (phere)."Maan shouted passionately.
A faint cold fear thrilled through his veins that almost froze up the heat of life, he couldn't move from his place as suddenly she disappeared from his vision.
He broke the grip and he ran towards the door where he envisioned Geet again.
He heard her voice again, she was beseeching him "Come, Maan, Come with me, you should not stay alone, today we became one, our wedding connected us into one string, you can't cut it, you have to come with me, love-devouring death do what it dares, it is enough that you are mine, let's join the world of stars, we will make the face of heaven so beautiful that world would fall in love with the night."
"Geet, take me with you, take me with you, my life is unworthy without you."Maan cries.
Geet to God: "Is there no pity sitting in the clouds, that could see my grief, please god, don't cast me away, my husband is on earth, and I am standing at the first staircase of heaven, how can I send my love to him on earth, unless my husband sends his love to me by leaving earth? God, comfort me, counsel me, heaven should practice some stratagems for the very soft subject love, which could resolve my problem."
Maan turned pale; tyranny of his sorrow took all livelihoods from his cheeks. Geet was slowly walking away from his vision, he could see her walking towards the sky and he felt the heart wrenching pain as he couldn't go with her, her stretched arms were waiting for him, his haunting pain was unbearable, the loss was unbearable for his weeping heart.
People went back to their house, Dadi couldn't see Maan in pain therefore she went back to her room with gloomy heart.
Maan was stranded; he sat on the door with his compelling eyes staring at the sky with a lot of questions in it.
Memories of the past besieged him as he was staring at the sky, he recalled one incident where he mischievously sneaked into her room to give her valentine's gift, he tugged his arms around her waist, he could almost feel her sensational touch. A beautiful smile scattered upon his lips as he remembered how intensely he used to kiss her.
Her plead still echoed in the air, begging him to go with her.
Maan slowly raised his hands in the air to caress her cheeks and hair but there was nothing in the air. His eyes were staring intensely in the air as he envisioned her eyes in the air. He tilted his head back to find her support to rest his head on her shoulders but instead his head was swirling in the air. He could still feel the beat of her frantic heart. He could still feel her embrace. He could hear her happy laughter; he started laughing frantically as their laughter was met in the air. 

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